Monday, June 10, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of June 10

My meal plans are always my best intentions, but sometimes things come up that change those plans.  Like last week our dinner plans were derailed by lots of ranch chicken taco leftovers.  I can't believe I didn't realize that 2 pounds of meat would result in leftovers. Plus we took advantage of Husband Jeff's parents watching Sonny D on Wednesday so we went out to eat and had leftovers from that as well.  Then we switched around plans to have a friend over for dinner on Saturday, so not many of my intentions actually happened last week. 
  • Monday - Planning to go to Milwaukee to see my favorite band The Architects so we're going out to eat on our way to the show.
  • Tuesday - I'm going to try a new Zumba class after dinner so we'll have to eat something quick, which will likely be banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon/turkey sausage.
  • Wednesday - I'd like to make the chipotle sweet potato soup I picked out last week, hopefully the weather won't be too warm for soup. 
  • Thursday - Going with friends to Bunky's Cafe for spaghetti on the board, where they dump a bunch of spaghetti on the table and you pull a serving towards you to eat.  Sounds like an interesting adventure and a lot of fun for the kids.   
  • Friday - I'm leaving for a girls' weekend in Galena, so Husband Jeff and Sonny D are on their own for a few days. 
  • Saturday - Husband Jeff said they might have pizza.
  • Sunday - Not sure we'll eat much for dinner since my husband's parents are having a Father's Day grillout in the afternoon. My only plan would be the standard Sunday plans of a can of soup and sandwiches.  I would also love popcorn. 

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