Sunday, November 17, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of November 18

  • Monday- I want to go exercise with Husband Jeff, there's an exercise facility at the office park where he works.  For dinner we'll have leftover Glass Nickel pizza from Sonny D's third birthday on Sunday, salad, and egg rolls.
  • Tuesday - We'll still have loads of food to clear out of the fridge and freezer, so we'll have an open box of Trader Joe's roasted red pepper soup (Sonny D loves it!), leftover tots, and pan-fried or baked fish.
  • Wednesday - I've got PiYo class at 6:45 (only four classes left including this one!), so we'll have a quick dinner of salads with black pepper caramel shrimp or shrimp risotto.
  • Thursday - we've got a daycare event at 5:30, maybe we'll have dinner out afterwards. 
  • Friday - We had our slow cooker prep day last Saturday, maybe we'll pull out one of those meals for Friday.
  • Saturday - I've got core fusion exercise class in the morning but we don't have any other plans all day. There are several holiday craft fairs around town, maybe I'll go to one of those.  I was also thinking it would be great if we could go through Sonny D's toys to remove the things he doesn't play with or are too young for him. 
  • Sunday - We didn't go tot the farmers' market last week because we didn't need anything, but maybe we'll go this week. We're also talking about maybe having brunch at Samba Brazilian Grill

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