Monday, April 7, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of April 7

This past week we had a delicious tropical dinner at Cafe Costa Rica using my discounted gift certificate. Only one gift certificate for Dobhan left before I'll allow myself to buy more!

Two Thumbs Up! I ended up making tuna melts on English muffin halves for dinner on Friday.  Sonny D liked them a lot.  Husband Jeff doesn't care for tuna or mayo, so he made his own turkey sandwich using Applegate turkey deli meat. We recently discovered Applegate natural lunch meats after my friend Aaron recommended their hot dogs and we really love their stuff. The turkey lunch meat was a bit bland but the ham is amazing and we can't wait to try more.  I've bought Applegate products at Target and Trader Joe's.

I think it's finally spring here in Madison. On Friday there was snow swirling around at lunch and after work, but things warmed up over the weekend. Saturday was warm enough that we only needed sweatshirts instead of coats. That threw Sonny D off though, he thought we had forgot about our coats and he was quick to point it out.  I had to reassure him we would be fine.

Menu Plan

  • Monday - Have you noticed that chicken breasts only seem to come in huge packages now?  It used to be that it was a little over one pound in one of those Styrofoam trays and nowadays it's hard to find anything under two pounds.  And the breasts are huge!  They're definitely not organic chicken, they would probably be a lot more reasonable if they were.  At the grocery store I recently bought a 2+ lb.package and figured I'd split it up.  On Sunday I made 9x13 and 8x8 pans of chicken enchiladas using the two moderate breasts and I saved the 1 HUGE breast for today's chicken wraps.  I'll cook it up in the ole George Foreman grill, put it in the big tomato-basil wraps that I just HAD to have, and add in a handful of salad greens and avocado. I don't really eat that many sandwiches (hardly ever!), so I have no idea why I felt the need to buy the wraps. 
  • Tuesday - I'm going out for lunch with some girls from work and we're having sushi. Yay! I love sushi but Husband Jeff doesn't eat it, so I try to get it with friends whenever I can.   For dinner I'm making up a dish I'm calling pizza superstar skillet.   It'll be brown rice and quinoa made in the rice cooker with onion soup mix (it's been hanging out in the pantry for a while, better use it up!), a bit of chopped spinach, chopped turkey pepperoni, pizza sauce, and shredded cheese.   
  • Wednesday - My friend Renae is coming to town so we're having lunch together.  Husband Jeff's brother is in town for a conference and we're having dinner with the family. For our contribution I'm going to make green beans with fennel
  • Thursday - We're having a quick dinner of  peas, rice, and chile-soy sauce steamed fish before Sonny D's second swimming lesson. The first one went great and of course he loved having chocolate ice cream afterwards. 
  • Friday - I'm taking the day off to shop and work my volunteer shift for the Half-Pint resale event.  I highly recommend it if you're in the Madison area and have any need for kid stuff.  The public sale is Saturday and the half-price sale is Sunday.   I might also get a pedicure if I've got enough time.  I'll be getting home a little later so I'll probably have oatmeal or a bowl of cereal on my own.
  • Saturday - This will be a fun day, we're having breakfast with the Easter bunny fundraiser to benefit the local food pantry. Then we're going to the Kids In The Rotunda children's event (this week's performance is juggling) with friends and then out to lunch afterwards. Dinner will be quick and easy spaghetti since we're eating breakfast and lunch out.
  • Sunday - We've got a few containers of homemade chili in the freezer that we should eat up, so we'll have chili mac

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