Monday, August 4, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of August 4

We tried to go to a new splash park on the east side of the city but it's not open yet (opens Friday).  So we headed up the road to a nearby town's splash park, only to find out that Sonny D didn't want to get wet.  We played on the little playground instead. 

My Thursday Zumba class is cancelled and I'm trying to find a replacement exercise class.  I think I should start weight lifting, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that.  I know that I won't be motivated enough to plan it all out myself, so I want a personal trainer to tell me exactly what to do.  There are a couple gyms nearby and a quickie 24-hour fitness place, but the cheapest and closest option is the nearby community rec center.  The best deal would be to pay the $200 membership fee for unlimited visits for a year and then at least $200 for the personal trainer sessions.  The personal trainer is actually a mom from our Korean adoption group, maybe we can work something out

We took Sonny D to his second baseball game of the season.  I don't think he cares about baseball much, but he certainly liked the home team mascot, Maynard Mallard.  He would look around and demand, "Where da duck?" It was pretty cool when Maynard came over for a high-five and pretended to drink all of Sonny D's cup of water.

For Me & D night we picked up a package of Ivory soap and put a bar in the microwave, which creates a huge fluffy mound of soap.  Sonny D likes to play with it in the bathtub, which is a great way to spend a lot of time. 

On Sunday we ate dinner in the dining room at our new banquette that Husband Jeff built. It was lovely!  Now we need to get the paint for the rest of the dining room and put up the window treatments and then the dining room should be finished. 
New banquette, painted and ready to use.

This Week

  • Monday - We're going to have salads, leftover sesame green beans, veggies with hummus, etc.  This is a repeat of what we had on Sunday night, a random selection of veggies from the farmers' market and the garden. 
  • Tuesday - It's the National Night Out event and for us that means there will be police vehicles and equipment at the nearby park, so Husband Jeff and Sonny D will check that out while I'm at Zumba class.  For dinner I'm aiming for quick and easy, so hot dogs, pesto pasta, and roma beans.
  • Wednesday - Husband Jeff and I are going out to dinner with his new boss and his wife at Louisianne's.  This will be a good lead-in to our trip to New Orleans since they serve Cajun/Creole food.
  • Thursday - I've got a girl-date with Heather from my Zumba class, we're going for sushi at Takumi.  She's really nice and we seem to hit it off pretty well so I asked her to join me for sushi.  I thought it would be cool to hang out with her to see if we can be friends. I was kind of nervous about it, how do you make friends with a random person that you only see at exercise class? 
  • Friday - I think I'm going to go with pasta with red sauce and garlic bread.  I might use jarred sauce or get motivated to try Marcella Hazan's amazing-looking tomato sauce with onion and butter.  I picked up a fancy can of imported tomatoes so I can make this any time, but of course since we're just getting into tomato season here so I should use fresh tomatoes.  Hopefully it's so simple and beautiful that I can convince my guys to eat tomatoes.  This is also Me & D night, maybe we'll go with another bath playing with loads of fluffy Ivory soap. 
  • Saturday - I've got Core Fusion class in the morning and then we're meeting my step-brother and his wife for brunch at a tavern called Nora's II out in the middle of nowhere (it happens to be between both of our houses).  I've always wanted to go there and I've heard good stuff and not-so-great reviews about this place, I figure it'll be an adventure no matter what. Would be nice to see if we can make it to that new splash park sometime this weekend.  Dinner might be soup and sandwiches, or maybe I'll actually remember to defrost some meat ahead of time! 
  • Sunday -We'll walk up to the nearby northside farmers' market for our Sunday morning ritual.  I'm also trying to convince some friends to meet up with us for dinner at one of the two Mexican restaurants between our two houses.  

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