Monday, February 9, 2015

Menu Plan: Week of February 9

I should have planned a lot of egg recipes this week because I picked up two dozen eggs from our egg  supplier from the farmers' market. It felt like some shady dealings, we met in a parking lot, they handed me the stuff and I gave them money. 

I'm totally obsessed with Indian food right now, I've got a couple books from the library and I keep looking things up online.  I've found a few Indian food blogs to follow and I've been pinning a lot of recipes on Pinterest. The dish that interests me the most is khichidi, a porridge-like blend of rice and lentils. I think it's mainly done savory but it can also be a sweetened version. Sounds like heaven either way!

Monday - feta-stuffed lamb burgers with salad. These were supposed to be dinner last night, but we were feeling lazy and didn't want to go through all the work to make them. We have to make this tonight though, the meat is fully defrosted. 

Tuesday - Big day #1, the first half of my acuity exam. It's split over two days because it's so much stuff, plus it gets tiring to taste for several hours. Last week we did a mini practice exam and it was actually not too scary, so I feel ok for the big test. No dinner, Zumba class tonight.  Husband Jeff came with me last week and he really seemed to like the workout. I glad he enjoyed it. He's going to attend with me the entire month of February. 

Wednesday - Big day #2, the second half of the exam. Afterwards, all of us trainees and the veteran panel are invited out for a happy hour with our trainer. Then for dinner it's my mother-in-law's birthday and she wanted to cook, so the family is going over there.

Thursday - Sonny D's Valentine's Day party at preschool, I hope it isn't too much chaos and sugar. For dinner Husband Jeff might be a little late after a meeting, so I'm going super simple with hot dogs and sweet potato fries. 

Friday - another one of our premade meals from the freezer, this time slow cooker peas and greens along with quesadillas. Then Sonny D and I are off for another monthly family fun night at Warner park. 

Saturday - we're having our traditional Valentine's Day meal of sandwiches from the Italian deli as a picnic in the living room. Jeff and I have been doing that ever since we were dating.  

Sunday - we're going to go to the farmers' market in the morning, Sonny D wants to buy a bath fizzy.  For dinner shrimp with white beans and feta. 

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