Monday, December 2, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of December 2

It's a nice quiet week after I had five days off for Thanksgiving. I'm not looking forward to going back to work after all this time off. I like not doing much and shopping a bit. :)

For Thanksgiving we went to Fugu restaurant, it was so good! As far as I understand, it's quite authentic Chinese.  They were one of the few restaurants open on Thanksgiving and I'm glad they were because we loved it.  Husband Jeff had the Singapore noodle, we shared the spicy string bean, I had the fish filet with scallion, and Sonny D had two egg rolls and rice and helped eat a lot of my fish.  We had a ton of food, enough left over for a decent lunch the next day.  I can't wait to go back! 

Sonny D requested cupcakes after seeing one in a book, so I'm aiming to make them this week.  I've been looking up recipes that make only six cupcakes so we don't have to figure out what to do with the rest of a big batch.

This is a week of dinners that I mentioned previously but never actually happened. 
  • Monday - I've had the recipe for black pepper-caramel shrimp picked out forever, so I think I'm finally going to make it.  Guess I should check the recipe to ensure I've still got all the ingredients!   We'll also have egg rolls left over from Saturday's Thanksgiving at my mom's and some steamed beets for Husband Jeff.
  • Tuesday - I'm really fond of breakfast for dinner, and I want sweet potato or banana pancakes, eggs, and roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Wednesday - I've got PiYo class at 6:45 (if I don't skip it like I did last week!). This is the second-to-last class for the semester, so I should probably go.  Dinner will be salads and homemade pepperoni pizza because I found a box of instant crust in the pantry, no idea where it came from.  I might make my side untouchable by adding mushrooms since Husband Jeff doesn't like them, it ensures I get to eat my half of the pizza rather than him stealing it. 
  • Thursday - Fajitas/kids' night at the NauTiGal, last time it didn't happen because Sonny D was ill the day we had planned to go.  And today is the day we can pick up our family photos from JC Penney's, I hope the look as good in real life as they did on the computer screen that day. Family and friends will see how they turned out when they get our New Year's card. 
  • Friday -Dinner will be almond-Parmesan crusted fish and one of the bags of corn I froze over the summer, can't wait for that! After dinner we're going out for our friend Natalie's birthday.
  • Saturday - We're going to brunch at the Green Owl Cafe with friends using a Groupon deal. I like their lunches and dinners, so I'm excited to try their breakfast items. We'll have tofu parmesan for dinner. 
  • Sunday - I'm planning that we'll have one of our slow cooker prep day dishes of Char Siu pork with veggies and rice or maybe I'll be even lazier with a can of soup and sandwiches

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