Sunday, December 22, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of December 23

This past week, I...

  • went out for delicious tapas with a girlfriend and we chatted for three hours!
  • had a tongue taco at Taqueria El JalapeƱo. 
  • went to dance fitness class two times. 
  • took Sonny D out to a kid karaoke event, then to lunch, home for a nap together, and made chocolate popcorn.  We had a great time! 
  • Fixed five of the seven items in my to-mend pile. The last two are a little more complicated, one needs new elastic in the waistband and the other might need to be handled by a professional. 
  • Tried TCBY chocolate almond frozen yogurt made with almond milk. Quite good!

This week

I have PTO I need to use up before the end of the year, so I'm taking the rest of the year off.  But we've got so many things going on that I'm probably not going to feel like I really had much vacation time.  Starting on Christmas Eve, we've got holiday celebrations for three days in a row.  And there will probably be some unplanned events with friends who are in town for the holidays.   

  • Monday - I've got the day off.  I'm going to exercise in the morning and then hoping to take my mom on her first Trader Joe's shopping trip if the weather isn't too bad. I also would like to take her out for lunch, I'm angling for sushi, but I'll have to see what she's feeling.  For dinner I have no idea what we'll do. Maybe something from Trader Joe's or canned soup plus toasted English muffin bread.  A friend's sisters are in town, so we're supposed to get together with them to hang out in the evening. 
  • Tuesday (Christmas Eve) - I'm planning that Sonny D and I are going to dip pretzels in chocolate to take to our holiday celebrations.  Christmas celebration #1 is today with Husband Jeff's extended family, it includes an dinner of heavy appetizers
  • Wednesday (Christmas Day) - Christmas with my parents.  We're getting together earlier in the day rather than dinner time.  I think I'm supposed to make tomato soup to share with the group, guess I should probably check on that to ensure I've got the ingredients.  For dinner we'll have slow cooker Indian chicken with rice.
  • Thursday - Another day off for me.  I'll exercise in the morning or while Sonny D is taking a nap.  We're going to Husband Jeff's parents in the afternoon to celebrate Christmas with his immediate family.
  • Friday - Another day off, I scheduled myself a massage and one for Husband Jeff.  The awesome thing is that the massages were scored in a Black Friday deal, half price!  And it's a place we know and really like.  Yay!  I figured we'd want a quiet meal after three days straight of holiday festivities, so we're probably going to have hot dogs or pita bread pizzas.  
  • Saturday - Zumba class for me in the morning with no other plans for the day.  Probably leftovers for dinner unless we go out with any friends who are in town for the holidays.
  • Sunday - another day with no plans.  I've got three dishes picked out but still haven't decided which to make. 

Wanna Chat?

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