Monday, February 3, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of February 3

Sonny D's visit to the dentist last week went great! He got to see daddy sit in the chair and got a preview of what it would be like, so he was a willing participant in the whole thing.

And my plan to eat one of the unlabeled/unknown items from our freezer worked out fine too, it ended up being an extra stuffed pepper casserole I threw together one night.  I liked it a lot.   It was a good surprise, but I really don't like surprises from my freezer, so I'm going to be better about labeling things.  

This Week's Menu

  • Monday - I defrosted walleye on Sunday but we ending up having pizza for dinner instead, so tonight we'll have the walleye with Korean sauce and a batch of rice to go with it.  We'll need a vegetable or two in there, maybe some peas.  And we'll have the last two egg rolls left over from last night.
  • Tuesday -  I described several shrimp recipes to Husband Jeff and he chose shrimp & grits casserole.  I'll probably do some meal prep over lunch so it doesn't take so long after work since I've got cardio dance fitness after dinner.
  • Wednesday - I was originally planning on cheesy sausage skillet, but we might go out for a quick dinner so Sonny D and I can go grocery shopping. Sonny D and I will go grocery shopping right after work and pick up a roasted chicken on our way out. That plus some sweet potato fries and either soup or salad would be great.
  • Thursday - I checked and found out my cardio dance fitness class happens on Thursdays closer to my house and it's cheaper than Tuesday's class, so I might go to that while Husband Jeff makes dinner of chicken pesto pasta with a secret bunch of zucchini shreds added.
  • Friday - Tofu Parmesan with frozen side dish of Trader Joe's eggplant and zucchini melange.
  • Saturday - Core fusion in the morning. Possibly having dinner with friends if they're available, otherwise we'll go out on our own. 
  • Sunday - Asian meatballs with a frozen bag of brown & wild rice blend with broccoli and carrots.

Wanna Chat?

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