Monday, February 24, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of February 24

Pink gerbera daisy from Grandma Pink's funeral service on Saturday.
This is Sonny D's first full week at his new school and he seems pretty excited about going back.  His favorite thing from the first day was Princess the hamster and he loved getting to feed her. 

Our Sunday morning.  We're holding hands in our PJs on the couch,
Sonny D is wearing my sunglasses
and I'm singing Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
For this week's meal plan I had other meals picked out for Tuesday and Wednesday, but when I went to the freezer to find the meats for them (chicken breasts and turkey sausages) I couldn't find them at all.  I can understand the chicken, we had a couple packages and I probably forgot to keep track of them, but I swear the sausages are just plain missing.  I dug through both freezers and nearly got frostbite trying to find them.  They're probably still in there somewhere, I'm just looking past them.  Maybe it's time to re-inventory the freezers since that involves taking every single thing out of the freezer and writing it down as I put it back in.     

This weekend we're having friends over for a potluck soup party. Everybody was asked to bring a slow cooker of soup to share.  I really love soup so I had the hardest time picking out which two soups I'm going to make. As of right now, I'm planning on making creamy tomato-basil soup and chicken taco soup. 

  • Monday - I'm going out for Moms' Night Out, we're going to Muramoto for all-you-can-eat sushi.  I'm leaving Sonny D and Husband Jeff to fend for themselves, maybe pasta with red sauce. 
  • Tuesday - I've got in-house training at the office Tuesday through Thursday, so my days are pretty busy.  Since we need to have dinner ready quickly before I head out to my cardio dance fitness class, we're having scrambled eggs, turkey breakfast sausage, and pancakes. 
  • Wednesday - Asian turkey meatballs, rice, and locally made Hmong egg rolls.
  • Thursday - Grandma & grandpa are picking up Sonny D and I am going to my cardio dance fitness class right after work and then going grocery shopping afterwards to buy the ingredients for the party.  
  • Friday - We've got friends that are coming to town for the weekend and we're planning to go out for dinner at their favorite place in town, Fugu.
  • Saturday - I've got Core Fusion class in the morning and then I'm going to be making soups for the party. 
  • Sunday -  We've got nothing planned for all of Sunday, which is always nice.  We'll probably eat party leftovers for dinner.

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