Monday, March 31, 2014

Menu plan: week of March 31

Last week I had a planning meeting for the Burgers & Brew event coming up at the end of May.  I'm in charge of signage, so I'm putting up the signs on the day of the event.  I can't wait to see what it's like "behind the scenes" after attending it once before.  And I love to give feedback on what went well and what could be improved on.  I'm excited that they have WiscoPop available instead of beer and I'm hoping they've got Sandcreek hard lemonade, it's excellent on tap.  They also will have at least three vegetarian "burger" options.

I had three awesome fresh-made/fresh-squeezed juice blends over the weekend -- pear-carrot-ginger-orange, mango-orange, and an apple-ginger zing (had whole strawberries, grapes, pineapple, cayenne, cinnamon, etc.). I loved the ginger in two of the juices, it gives a spicy kick. I wish I had a super-powerful blender to make similar smoothies/juices at home. Maybe I should look into buying a Ninja or NutriBullet. I definitely don't want a juicer, you lose so many benefits by throwing away all that pulp. 

We also had great meals hanging out with friends this weekend.  And we went to a conservatory on Saturday where it was so beautiful and humid inside.  I wish we lived closer to it, I would go there all the time in the winter. Yes, we have a conservatory here in Madison, but it's not free and I'm super cheap.  :)

I was excited to find Ziyad hommos tahini over the weekend.  I've been interested in this after seeing it on Biz's blog My Bizzy Kitchen forever ago.  Since Biz lives in the Chicagoland area I thought I might find it at the Chicago grocery store called Mariano's.  Score!  I bought three cans, two of the plain and one extra spicy.  I opened a can of the plain hummus last night for dinner and it's good, very smooth texture.  Husband Jeff liked how it was pretty much just the taste of garbanzo beans.


  • Monday - sauteed sesame green beans and baked buffalo tempeh "wings".  Sonny D probably won't be too keen on the spicy buffalo sauce, so I'll leave his plain. We really like the Frank's Buffalo sauce, it's great on pizza.  
  • Tuesday - I'm craving another batch of bean soup so I picked up a bag of 16-bean mix to throw in the slow cooker so dinner is ready when we get home.  We've got three pieces of pre-cooked bacon in the freezer that I'll chop and throw in the soup, along with some chopped spinach and maybe shredded zucchini.  I love slow cooker meals so I don't have to do any cooking after work so I can buzz over to my cardio fitness class after we eat. 
  • Wednesday - Every once in a while the the Madison Originals restaurant group has a sale on discounted gift cards for their member restaurants (they're actually having a sale right now!) and several months ago I bought $25 gift cards for Cafe Costa Rica and Dobhan. They expire on May 18, so I decided I need to plan when we'll use them before they expire, so I'm pushing myself to use the Cafe Costa Rica one tonight.  I've also put myself on a ban from buying any other restaurant discounts until we use these up because I don't want to forget about them and lose money on them.   
  • Thursday - Today is Sonny D's first swimming lesson of the semester!  He's already taken the Little Dippers intro class and now he's on to the Shrimp Dip class.  The frustrating thing is that you aren't allowed to register them for this class until they're actually 3 years old when the class starts.  So after the first class we had to wait like a year before we could take swimming again, well, other than taking the first class over again, but that would be boring.   I've got my cardio fitness class right after work so I won't be around.  Since swimming is pretty early, Husband Jeff and Sonny D are going to have something quick and easy, probably sandwiches
  • Friday - I have two options for dinner, tuna melts or breaded fish nuggets and shrimp bites. If we go with the baked fish nuggets we only have two swai fish filets the freezer so I don't think we have enough to feed all three of us, so I was going to combine it with the 1/2 pound of shrimp we've also got left.  Fridays are also Me and D night, where Sonny D and I go out to do whatever while Husband Jeff does his own thing.  Husband Jeff hasn't gone out yet, but I keep encouraging him to go hang out with his friends.
  • Saturday - Our adoption group is hosting a Korean Culture Day so we're doing that in the morning. In the afternoon the FEED Kitchens food business incubator space on the northside of Madison is having a bazaar.  Their producers that use the kitchens will be offering tastings and an opportunity to try their products. So I want to see what that is like.  I have no idea what to have for dinner, maybe we'll eat leftovers.   I wish the Final Four basketball game was earlier so we could go out to dinner somewhere and watch the Badgers play, but it'd be past Sonny D's bedtime.
  • Sunday - I've got a big package of chicken breasts in the freezer and a pile of corn tortillas, so I want to make chicken enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce. I wanted this earlier in the week but I realized I'd need a bit of time to make this dish, so I opted for the weekend.  I'll use only half of the chicken breasts to make it, so I'll need to make the rest of them on Monday into something else.  Not hard since I've got a ton of chicken recipes bookmarked. 

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