Monday, June 9, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of June 9

Week in Review

On Thursday we went to Sonny D's preschool picnic and sing-along in the school backyard.  It was a gorgeous night and we brought crackers & hummus, grapes, granola bars, and picked up an order of fried chicken at our favorite meat market.  The chicken was great.  Sonny D's not really into participating, so he sat on one of his teacher's laps while everybody around him sang.

We had our lawn dug up by an excavator on Thursday morning.  Sonny D was in heaven watching from the front window.
Local mushrooms soaking up the marinade.
I discovered an awesome marinade for mushrooms.  I had to restrain myself from eating the whole batch all at once and making myself sick from too much food. I mixed up a second batch of the marinade and wanted to use it for chicken and my big portobello mushrooms I got at the Sunday farmers' market, but I ended up using it only for the chicken and making an Asian marinade for my portobellos. 
Part of my rummage sale haul.
I went out shopping at our neighborhood rummage sales on Friday and Saturday.  I had a great score on Friday when Husband Jeff and I were out together.  My best score was a brand-new set of wide-mouth canning jars that I'll use to ferment up some sauerkraut.  I was also so excited about finding a vintage bandage tin to put all our Bandaids in.  When I combined everything I found that we had four partially-used boxes of adhesive bandages!  

We went to a B-Boy contest on Saturday evening, it was so super cool. Lots of very talented young men (and my husband said a young lady but I didn't see her) with impressive physical moves. I had no idea until we went, but "b-boy" is the proper term for breakdancing.   

We failed at taking care of our friends' dog while they're on vacation.  Sonny D was so freaked out by their dog that by the third day we had to take him back to his house for the night and then to a pet resort (boarding).  We told Sonny D it was a doggie hotel. 
Farmers' market haul.
At our usual Sunday morning farmers' market visit I spent a good chunk of money.  I got two spring rolls ($5), asparagus ($4), ground lamb ($8), eggs ($4), strawberries ($5, this lady was charging $1 more than everybody else, but hers looked the best), and a couple big portobello mushrooms (I think $5.35).

On Sunday morning I picked up a Moroccan-inspired stencil to paint a design on the wooden bedroom valences Jeff made a couple years ago.  This is the second thing I'm doing as part of the interior decorator spruce-up I've got going on.  The first thing I did was to take everything off the top of our kitchen chalkboard.  I need to take some photos to show the "before" look and my "after" progress.

This Week

  • Monday -This is Sonny D's last week of the regular school year, so we went out for breakfast at The Jet Room.  Things were pretty quiet and I thought we might end up without seeing any action, but we eventually saw about four planes take off or land.  For dinner we're having salads along with baked coconut shrimp with spicy orange marmalade dipping sauce, fish sticks for Sonny D. 
  • Tuesday -  I wanted an interesting breakfast-for-dinner meal like savory French toast, French toast bananas (using bananas instead of bread), or Canadian bacon breakfast sandwiches, etc. Not sure what we'll actually end up with. 
  • Wednesday - The weather forecast says it'll be a slightly cooler night so I'm going to make slow cooker pizza stew. It's supposed to be topped with biscuit dough cooked up like dumplings, but I've made a similar recipe in the past and found that it was better to just make the biscuits as regular biscuits in the oven. 
  • Thursday - I've got my usual Latin hip-hop cardio class right after work so Husband Jeff is on his own to cook up the feta-stuffed lamb burgers with cucumber yogurt dipping sauce.   I'm going to prep them so all he needs to do is grill them.
  • Friday - We're hanging with family all weekend.  I'm responsible for making the side dish for Friday night dinner.  Husband Jeff suggested pizza pasta salad or antipasto salad while I'm thinking about the lemon-basil chickpea salad I made a couple times last year.  The pizza pasta salad might go over well with the kids though.  Maybe we'll make both. 
  • Saturday - I have no idea what the day will bring.  We're talking about grilling out again for dinner or maybe going out to a restaurant.
  • Sunday - I'm sad we won't be able to walk over to our usual farmers' market visit since we're not going to be around. How will I survive without my weekly spring roll?  Or Sonny D's new weekly ritual of kettle corn?  Oh well.  I think for dinner we'll have something easy, like sandwiches or soup. 

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