Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Garden's Progress: June Update

Here's our garden progress for the last three weeks. First I'll show you the same pictures you saw from Memorial Day and then the pictures from last night.  When we've got cooler days that aren't too sunny, we keep the plastic film up over the white PVC ribs and that keeps the plants nice and warm and humid.  If the day is sunny and hot, Husband Jeff goes out and uncovers it and makes sure to water the plants so they don't dry out. 

Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day)

"Front" of the garden.
The freshly dug area at the edge is for carrot seeds.

Three Weeks Later: Monday, June 16

I couldn't spend much time outside because the sun was going down and the sky was cloudy, which allowed the mosquitoes to be in full "attack" mode.  I don't go out there often since the garden is Husband Jeff's domain, so I don't remember what plants are where. 
"Front" of the garden. I think that's Brussels sprouts
on the right. Dill is the tall feathery stuff in the middle.
Back side with little carrot seedlings that need to be thinned out.
Big basil behind it, asparagus to the left.
Big fabric pot with zucchini(?) flowers in front, tomato plants in back.
Head of cauliflower with my finger to show size.  The stuff on
the right is chocolate mint, it might take over the garden!  Smells wonderful.
Runaway vine spilling over the side, maybe cantaloupe?
A petite head of broccoli.

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