Monday, March 23, 2015

Menu Plan: Week of March 23

Last week we went out a couple times, the first time was to Bassett Street Brunch Club for breakfast-for-dinner.  It was fine, we were all ok with our entrees but nothing was amazing.  We really liked the doughnuts though.  And our anniversary dinner at Cento on Wednesday was nice too. 

For Sonny D's first swimming lesson on Saturday he was the only kid (only three per class) so he had a private lesson.  It ended up being a great way to start out because he wasn't exactly thrilled to be there.  He told me that I couldn't watch him during his lesson because it would make him shy, so I was turned to the side the whole time, but I cheated and recorded video with my phone. 

This Week

We're still working on eating as much from our freezers as possible so I can defrost the chest freezer in the basement. I am really hoping we'll be able to defrost it later this week, maybe by Friday.
  • Monday - French toast to use as much bread as possible, frozen chicken breakfast sausage, salads, and fruit
  • Tuesday - I'm excited for my massage in the afternoon.  No dinner except for a couple pieces of toast before Zumba class.
  • Wednesday -We're going out for Peruvian food at Surco with our friends Chuck & Buddha.
  • Thursday - The weather doesn't sound too great but we're planning to grill tonight, along with a bag of Trader Joe's frozen gnocchi and home-frozen corn.
  • Friday - More frozen tilapia pan-fried along with frozen hash-brown patties, and the remaining frozen green beans and frozen peas from two partial bags. 
  • Saturday - Back to swimming lessons for Sonny D and lunch out with ice cream afterwards. Sonny D has been asking about using the food coloring so we're going to color Easter eggs in the afternoon.  For dinner Husband Jeff requested we go to Taqueria Guadalajara for Mexican for dinner.  
  • Sunday -I think we'll skip the last winter farmers' market unless I decide that we need eggs.  We actually do go through eggs pretty quickly, so we might actually need to buy more.  We're meeting friends for lunch at the Asian sweet bakery and then shopping at the Korean market afterwards.  For dinner we'll have tuna casserole because by that point we won't had much else in the freezer to eat.    

Wanna Chat?

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