Monday, February 16, 2015

Menu Plan: Week of February 16

I am still in love with Indian food. I've got more cookbooks from from the library, my favorite one right now is called "5 Spices, 50 Dishes". It uses only five main spices and the recipes seem easier than the dishes that use about 10 spices.  I went to the Indian market on Sunday and spent the last of my money to buy more ingredients like mustard seeds, asafetida, and moong dal (yellow mung beans).

I didn't pass my acuity exam for Oscar Mayer taste testing, so now I'm all done working there.  I ended up coming down with a cold the day before the big exam, so I couldn't smell anything. The only good part about not getting it is the job was mainly tasting expired meat, which doesn't sound great. And I was hoping that this job was going to be able to get me another job related to food, but it seems like it was pretty much a dead-end position.  Oh well, it was a neat experience. Do you know of any food related jobs in the Madison area? I'm not looking for food service but just about anything else would be awesome.

I was happy that Sunny D was actually pretty cool with eating stuffed lamb burgers, he ate most of his. Right now I've got a book from the library about how to encourage children to try new foods and so maybe will do more experimenting with that it helps to broaden his horizons.

Last week I made one of our freezer slow cooker dishes, this one was peas and greens. The mustard greens were really pungent and it and we didn't like it very much. I finished off all of the leftovers anyway, it wasn't so terrible that I couldn't eat it but I certainly wouldn't make it again.

On Friday we had fun at family fun night at the local community center, lots of Sunny D's friends showed up so it ended up being pretty wild, kids running around everywhere.

For Valentine's Day we ended up not having a dinner picnic because we realize the dog would try to eat all of our food. I got Jeff a T-shirt for the local Ale Asylum brewery and he got me a gorgeous watch. During the day on Saturday, Sunny D and I went to Half-Price Books bookstore and picked him up five Maisy books for his valentine's present.  He's really into Maisy mouse right now and likes to point out all of the ones that he wants, which is all of them. 

Monday - my friend Heather came over for lunch because she lives nearby and had the day off for Presidents' Day. We made Indian food together, a mushroom and peas curry and a homey rice-and-lentil dish called kichri. We also opened a jar of tomato pickle, it is really pungent, very similar to a green olive paste. We also tried some chickpea snacks, they looked like Fritos but were a little spicy.

For dinner will have a curried potato chowder because I thought the concept sounded neat. I also plan to make rice with it and Parmesan cauliflower tots.

Tuesday - I'm going to spend the day visiting my friend Kate. Grandma and grandpa will pick up Sunny D.  Jeff has a meeting at night and might be done in time to join me for Zumba again. We didn't go last week because I was sick, but he liked it when he went the first time and he said he might keep going with me even after the month is over.

Wednesday - We're going out because a local pizza place is having a fundraising night where 10% of their sales will go towards the Humane Society. Husband Jeff doesn't hardly need a reason to get pizza so it was easy to talk my family into this idea.

Thursday - I think we're finally going to have the dish of shrimp and white beans and feta. Jeff pointed out we have a lot of carrots in the fridge so I'm going to roast them. And I want to try out a recipe for a gluten-free focaccia made out of flax seed meal.

Friday - Sunny D and Zipper dog are going to have a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's while Jeff and I go out dancing with friends. We might go out for dinner beforehand, we came up with a lot of possible restaurants to eat at so it would be pretty easy to find a place that we would like to go to.

Saturday - Husband Jeff is going ice fishing with friends, and I think Sunny D and I are going to go to the international festival downtown. I haven't been to it to know what it's like but it sounds interesting and I'm sure we can find something to eat there or out at any of the many restaurants. For dinner I want to eat the waffles we froze a couple weeks ago and have chicken breakfast sausage with it.

Sunday - I want to experiment by making italian sausage and pesto risotto. I like to make pesto using spinach and basil, Sunny D helps me make it and he doesn't seem to mind that there's a lot of spinach in it.  Nnormally would discard any green bits in his food, but he loves pesto. 

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