Monday, March 9, 2015

Menu Plan: Week of March 9

Our plan this week is to eat a lot of meals from the freezer because our chest freezer in the basement is pretty full and I realized there is a ton of frost built up.  There is so much frost that it's like the freezer is two inches smaller all around in the inside.  So we're going to eat as many meals from the freezer so we can empty it and the defrost it.  Not sure how long that's going to take, but we'll definitely be focusing on this for at least the next couple weeks.
  • Monday - We're having the last freezer meal that Heather and I put together, pressure cooker Thai chicken soup with wontons.
  • Tuesday - I'm picking up Sonny D early for a haircut, then he's going to grandma & grandpa's while Husband Jeff and I go to Zumba class. No dinner tonight.
  • Wednesday - I bought a whole 5-pound chicken from the farmers' market and it's filling a large chunk of our freezer, so I'm cooking it up tonight as a Korean roast chicken along with some home-frozen corn from this past summer.
  • Thursday - Sonny D has the day off for teacher inservice, so he and I are going to visit my mom in the morning.  For dinner we'll have leftover roasted chicken and gnocchi before I head out for a Korean adoption group board meeting at night.  
  • Friday - Sonny D is off again today and Husband Jeff wants to take the day off as well so we'll go do something as a family.  Another meal from the freezer, a frozen pizza before we head to the community rec center for family fun night.  Maybe we can have pizza for lunch and fit another dinner from the freezer. 
  • Saturday - I've got exercise class in the morning and the rest of the day doesn't have any other plans.  At dinner time we're going to a fundraiser event to raise money for the local kitchen business incubator.  It involves eating dinner there and I was really hoping to have dinner at home to have more food out of the freezer, but a fundraiser is a good reason to eat there.
  • Sunday - One of the last two farmers' markets remaining before it finally ends.  Husband Jeff is having a massage in the morning to relax and enjoy himself.  In the afternoon my friend Jessica is in town and we're going for pedicures and then out for frozen yogurt.  I don't have dinner picked out yet, but I figured I could find something easy to throw together. 

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