Thursday, July 24, 2014

Freshly Toasted and Not-A-Watermelon

Freshly Toasted

For my morning bowl of oatmeal I have a variety of things to add for flavor and nutrition -- hemp seed, flax seed meal, wheat germ, chopped almonds, chopped pecans, fresh/frozen/dried fruit, cinnamon, cardamom, cocoa powder, etc.  I also have shredded unsweetened coconut and have mixed it in a few times but never found it very satisfying.  Then I decided to take the time to toast it in a dry skillet first.  And the angels from heaven sang!  Oh my gosh, it's sooo much better, it has a thousand times more flavor.  After discovering this, I've been having fresh local raspberries and toasted coconut in my oatmeal every morning that I can. I'm glad I spent that bit of time to try toasting it.  It's amazing how a simple concept like toasting something, can change the flavor completely. 
Freshly toasted coconut.
Of course it sucks to pull out a skillet every morning and take a few minutes to toast this up, and Husband Jeff already makes fun of the amount of time it takes to prepare my breakfast.  But I think it's completely worth it, the flavor is great.  And otherwise I wouldn't even be using the coconut and it would sit in my freezer, lonely.  I'm making it worth it to have it in the house.  This morning I toasted an extra serving and put it in a container for tomorrow, hopefully that works out so I can toast a larger batch every once in a while rather than each morning. 

P.S. - After I discovered how awesome toasted coconut is, I tried toasting hemp seed, but it didn't really seem any different.  Not worth it. 


When I came home the other day I saw this sitting on the counter and the bulbous end was facing me so it looked circular and it was so large I thought it was a personal watermelon!  Of course as I got closer it was obvious it was a gigantic zucchini from our garden that we let go too long. 
Huge zucchini.
This makes it obvious I need to go out and harvest some things.  I have fennel that is probably ready, but I have no idea since we've never grown it before and I'm not a gardener.  Some friends talked about an eggplant sauce recipe they make for pasta and I want to make it, but I can't remember if we even grew eggplant this year. 

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