Monday, July 7, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of July 7

Week in Review

On Tuesday evening we were prepping dinner and Sonny D already had some cherries and popcorn at his spot at the table.  He asked "May I start eating?"  Wow, so civil and mannered!  I immediately said "Yes, you may."  And he climbed up and started eating.  He certainly didn't learn that at home, we're not that formal.

Our landscape design. 
Does anybody else think the two trees at the bottom look like breasts?
We received our official landscape design on Tuesday. Jeff started the hot-and-sweaty work of digging up the outline and getting it ready to install a brick edging.  The plants will be coming in the middle of the week. 

We had a really quiet Fourth of July holiday weekend. We didn't see any fireworks, we only heard them as we were going to bed.

I got a ton of mosquito bites. One ignominious one on my forehead!  Try to feel cool at an outdoor dinner party with a huge red welt on your forehead!
We had a few ideas we were tossing around but Sonny D helped us decide to check out a new-to-our-area Fresh Market grocery store.  It seems to be like the little sister version of a place called Mariano's in Chicago (same grocery store family). I love their juice bar, I got the apple-ginger zing juice blend. We tried samples and loved everything. I really appreciate that it wasn't noticeably expensive compared with our regular Copps (same grocery store family as well).  Husband Jeff really loved it, he said he would want to shop there all the time, but it's several miles away and there are at least three other grocery stores that are closer.  But I did really appreciate the variety of ethnic ingredients and of course that juice bar!

I'm Pinterest-crazy right now, more than usual. I'm most interested in the beauty category. I was previously looking at hair styles but since I cut my hair a bit shorter this week, now I'm focusing on facial highlighting and contouring with makeup.  Definitely connect with our account, Husband Jeff and I share an account.  The beauty and interior decorating boards are mine, the DIY, woodworking, and three furniture-building ones are his. 

Peeps love.  The watermelon ones are green on the outside, pink on the inside.
I hosted a Mary Kay party on Saturday afternoon. I haven't been to a Mary Kay party since college (I'm amazed to say how long that's been - 15 years!) and their stuff has definitely changed.  I didn't particularly need anything, but I did buy an eye cream since I wasn't loving the Clinique sample I had and regular lotion isn't moisturizing enough for me. One thing I really appreciated is that she has most of the merchandise in her car, so you don't have to wait for it to be shipped to you. I love that immediate gratification.  

Making faces at each other while waiting for pizza.
I skipped my Saturday morning exercise class to attend what might have been the world's smallest parade as part of our Northside "small town" Fourth of July celebration. The parade consisted of a fire truck, a couple convertibles with people in the back, a few soldiers with flags, a bagpipes-and-drum group, kids with decorated bikes, a mini brass band, and two police cars.  We did end up getting two handfuls of candy, so it wasn't all bad!

Bought Peeps minis in strawberry creme and a Peeps sour watermelon pop. Both Jeff and I completely love peeps!  Can't wait to dig into those..  We prefer Peeps that are hard and stale, but will also still eat them fresh.

We navigated the city bus with the help of Google Maps to go out for pizza at Roman Candle on Sunday.  I had the big Greek salad (not as overwhelmingly huge as described) and the really tasty roasted red pepper and tomato soup.  Sonny D and Husband Jeff had pepperoni pizza ("peckernooni" as Sonny D says) and some breadstick twists.  While we were waiting for the bus to arrive, we heard the worst words a kid could probably say before the once-an-hour bus shows up, "I have to poop!"  He was fine until we made it home, but we were sweating!  Especially since the bus didn't come back up to our neighborhood and we had to walk from the transfer point.   

This Week

  • Monday - Today starts Sonny D's next session of summer "camp" at preschool. I was so excited when I remembered that these three weeks are called countryside cafe, which means the kids will be making their lunches each day, so I have three weeks off from lunch duty!  For dinner we'll have Newman's Own broccoli beef frozen entree with rice, served with massaged kale salad.  
  • Tuesday - a quick meal of banana french toast before I head off to Latin hip-hop cardio class.
  • Wednesday - cheese-stuffed salsa burgers.  I was inspired by the feta-stuffed lamb burgers I made last month. 
  • Thursday - I'm going to Zumba right after work and meeting up with my friend Rachel afterwards to go out for Chinese at Imperial Garden.  Sonny d and Husband Jeff are on their own. 
  • Friday - We're getting together with friends for "pizza in the park". We'll go to either a splash park or a regular playground park and the kids will play while we hang out and chat and we'll have pizza delivered to the park
  • Saturday - I've got Core Fusion class in the morning.  It's Art Fair on the Square this weekend so we'll probably head down there after my class ogle at gorgeous stuff we can't afford.   One of the gals who attended my Mary Kay party is hosting her own party in the afternoon and I said I would attend that.  I want to experiment with salmon cakes for dinner if Husband Jeff will let me.
  • Sunday - Northside farmers' market in the morning like usual. Totally loving it that Husband Jeff is addicted to the spring rolls like I am. Maybe we'll have brunch there because it's a fundraiser for the local domestic abuse shelter. In the afternoon is a preschool outing to the Madison Mallards baseball game. We'll eat dinner there,which shouldn't be too hard to find a healthy choice, they've got a surprising selection of food. Yes,the typical burgers, nachos, and hot dogs, but specialty things like a salmon burger, organic veggie burger, bahn mi (Vietnamese) hot dog, freshly made pulled pork, caprese panini sandwich, gluten free bun options, Jamaican jerk BBQ sauce, Koran BBQ sauce, etc.

Wanna Chat?

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