Monday, July 21, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of July 21

The previous week was nice and quiet.  Husband Jeff had his last day at his former employer and will be starting at a new place in a few weeks. He's taking some time off to get things done around the house and also relax a bit.  And we closed on our switch from a 30-year mortgage to a 12-year mortgage.  Our payments will go up a chunk per month but it'll save us a ton of money over the life of the loan.  We also switched my car loan from the Honda finance company to our credit union, we'll save about $100 in the end.  Not an amazing deal, but a hundred bucks is a still hundred bucks. 

Husband Jeff did a canoe race on Saturday morning, it involves paddling 1.5 miles in the lake, carrying your canoe 1 mile across land to the other lake, and then paddling some more.  I am so not a canoer (canoeist?) so I'm glad he took our friend Chuck. There was a big after-race party and some friends who were in town joined them, I hope they had a good time. 

On Saturday I went shopping with my awesome interior designer, Sarah Helf. We totally scored at World Market but struck out at Pier1 and Marshalls.  I forgot my coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond, but we picked out living room curtains and a new shower curtain and I'll go back and buy those later with the coupons. I love everything we've picked out or bought so far.  I had to admit to her that I haven't had much progress around the house in getting my assigned tasks done, have only cleaned a few surfaces off. I had better get my butt in gear so our house looks as good as what she's planning!   Husband Jeff is going to build a banquette for our dining room while he's off between jobs, he says it'll only take a few days to crank that out.   
Here's a peek at the new table decorations, cushions,
and curtains for the dining room.The wall color will be gray with a hint of
green to coordinate with the bit of green in this center pillow.
At the Sunday farmers' market I bought raspberries, cherries, new-to-me lamb's quarters (a leafy green with properties similar to kale's superfood status), and new-to-me Roma/Romano beans (a broad bean where you eat the whole pod like a green bean).  Can't wait to try the new stuff.  We've also got cucumbers and zucchini ready in our garden along with loads of basil.  The tomatoes are growing, but haven't turned red yet. 

On Sunday we finally made it to A&W after lunch. Sonny D had a chocolate cone, I had a chocolate root beer float, and Husband Jeff had a Sour Patch Kids polar blast (like a Dairy Queen blizzard, ice cream with candy mixed in). We loved it, but it was all too much food for us. 
We had a lovely date night on Sunday with our friends Brian and Kristen at Tempest Oyster Bar for summer restaurant week.  The best dessert that we got was the chocolate pecan tart, I was expecting a shallow tiny tart similar to a pecan pie, but this thing was three layers tall and filled with rich chocolate, loads of huge pecans, and gooey caramel.  So good!  I love restaurant week, there's both a summer version and a winter version.  It's a Sunday through Friday event where restaurants offer fixed-price menus with 3 to 4 appetizer, entree, and dessert choices.   It's typically $15 for a 3-course lunch or $25 for a 3-course dinner.  They've started letting some places charge $30-35 for dinner, probably so they can be a little more creative with the offerings or places who have higher standards for their ingredients. 

This Week

  • Monday - Husband Jeff is going to be gone so Sonny D and I will share a fish entree.  I'm also going to saute the lamb's quarters from the farmers' market, probably Asian style with some sesame seeds, soy sauce, and sesame oil. 
  • Tuesday - I'm going out with some girls from the office for a restaurant week lunch at Johnny Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse.  Dinner will be Mexican beef over polenta (I've made it before and we loved it!) Shhh, don't tell the guys, but I'm going to slip in some shredded zucchini and maybe some spinach into the meat mixture.   I'll also try to whip up something with those interesting Roma beans I got at the farmers' market.  Sonny D has a haircut after dinner, he really needs it. 
  • Wednesday - I'm going out for a Moms' Night Out event at 43 North bistro for my third restaurant week meal.  Husband Jeff is going to a Toastmasters training session, so Sonny D gets to hang out with his grandma for the evening.  
  • Thursday - I'm going out for lunch with some coworkers at That BBQ Joint. We all used to be on the same team so hopefully we'll have a good time chatting and I'm excited to have them try the BBQ place, their meat is so good.  For dinner I'm leaving the guys on their own while I head to Zumba class, so maybe they'll have fish sticks, hot dogs, or corn dogs.   I'm suggesting quick items so afterwards they can go to the open swim at the local high school. 
  • Friday -The nearby town is having their annual summer festival (Waunafest) and I was planning we'd go there for our weekly Me & D night to hit the bouncy house, carnival rides, and the food stands.  I was considering eating dinner there, but food at festivals is usually so unhealthy, so we'll eat at home before we go.  Husband Jeff has been asking for his favorite frozen pizza (Jack's rising crust) which isn't a whole lot healthier, but at least I can try to serve up some fruit and veggies with it.  
  • Saturday - I think I'm going to skip both of my exercise options (Zumba and Core Fusion) and we'll all head to St Dennis Festival (Catholic church) in the morning.  They have a huge rummage sale that I love to browse and Husband Jeff is going to do their 5K fun run.  They also have a bouncy house and old-fashioned kids games, so we'll probably hang out there for a bit.  Then we have a 5-year-old's birthday at a park over lunch and a 50-year-old's birthday later in the afternoon that I might stop by for a while. 
  • Sunday - Once again, our standard morning visit to the farmers' market.  I love it, the produce is really in full swing.  I'm tempted by the people who offer up whole chickens, but I'm still trying to empty out our freezer and our many meals out this week probably won't help that situation.  For dinner, our friends Chuck and John are joining us and we're heading to the Tip Top Tavern, a formerly dark, dingy dive bar that has been transformed into a hip little restaurant.  I've heard great stuff about it and it's been on my list of places to go ever since I heard that it was being overhauled.  I'm excited about their fried pickles, I'm a total sucker for those.  It's mainly a burgers and sandwiches type place, but seems a lot more modern than the average tavern. 

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