Monday, August 12, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of August 12

I'm excited because I'm planning to make wine jelly some night this week.  Do you have any canning tips for me?  Please leave a comment or email me with any help or guidance you can provide.  I've already got the jars, jar lifter, and pectin. 

Weekly update on my progress for our virtual mountain climb - 565 steps since last Monday, 857 steps total, which is 36% of complete out of the total 2,330 steps.  I'm averaging about 80 "steps" per day this week, compared with only 58 "steps" per day last week.  This past week I had two days where I did two sets of mountain climbers each day.  One day I had extra energy and decided to do more later in the day, the other day was during one of my exercise classes and mountain climbers were part of our workout for the night. It was nice to get some extra steps in without really thinking about it.

Ok, now on to the menu plan for the week. Last week I was so lazy about making dinner, I wanted to go out to a restaurant most nights.  Luckily we ended up only going out once.  Hopefully this week I'm less lazy.
  • Monday - we'll have a tiny bit of barbecue leftovers from Sunday including baked beans, potato salad, homemade hummus, and two desserts, cream puffs and cake!
  • Tuesday - tonight is Sonny D's last swimming lesson for the summer and I've got Zumba class again, so I figured I would rely on my freezer by heating up some soup I've frozen and salads. My options are peanut stew or sweet potato-chipotle soup.
  • Wednesday - I'm really feeling like having Mexican so I'm planning taco salads, but maybe we'll have salads and tacos, essentially the same thing. 
  • Thursday - The basil in our garden is out of control and I need to do something with it, so we'll have pesto pasta with bacon chunks in it, that was good when I made it previously.  I've also got Total Toning exercise class in the evening, so I can't eat too much since I don't want to embarrass myself by puking in front of everyone. 
  • Friday - I want to try a new recipe, slow cooker chicken tikka masala.  It really helps that my grocery store (Copps) has their own brand of Greek yogurt on sale until October, so I've been making recipes that involve plain Greek yogurt.
  • Saturday - I'm going to my friend Rachel's bridal shower in the afternoon and I want to finally try out mini cauliflower crust pizzas, but that might be too ambitious to try to make that for dinner .  And my head of cauliflower might go bad by that point (bought on Thursday of the previous week), so I might need to keep track of that and maybe make this earlier in the week.
  • Sunday - Sonny D and I are going to visit my friend Kate for the afternoon so I was figuring we'd have a quick and simple dinner of hot dogs or sausages with pepperjack Mac and cheese. 
I also have a recipe for a microwave cake that takes about three minutes to cook and it serves three people.  Perfect for our family! So I might try that out this week too. 

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