Monday, March 24, 2014

Meal Plan: Week of March 24

I'm on strike this week, I'm refusing to make real dinners.   We went grocery shopping over the weekend so we're stocked up with the basics and can eat simple things like cereal, oatmeal, salads, bagels & cream cheese, egg sandwiches, cottage cheese, canned soup, pasta with red sauce, and veggies.   
  • Monday - We have books to return to the library, so we'll probably head over there after dinner. 
  • Tuesday -I'd like to go to cardio dance fitness today and Thursday but since I've got a meeting on Wednesday right after work, I'll need to skip one of the exercise classes so I'm not gone three nights in a row. 
  • Wednesday - Burgers & Brew volunteer meeting.  Burgers & Brew features locally sourced burgers and Wisconsin craft beers.  Husband Jeff and I went a few years ago and enjoyed it.  You get three mini burgers and three short pours of beer, it was a great way to try some interesting burger concoctions from local restaurants.  If you're interested, buy tickets now, they sell out. 
  • Thursday - Another cardio dance fitness class.
  • Friday - We're hanging out with friends all weekend, so I'm sure pretty much every meal is going to be eaten out. 
  • Saturday - More meals out.
  • Sunday - More meals out. 

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