Monday, May 12, 2014

Menu plan: Week of May 12

In Review

This last week I saw my lovely hair stylist Daisy at her salon, Union Hair Parlor.  I had her cut 4-5 inches of my hair off.  I love the cut, it's exactly what I was looking for. I think it's called the 'lob', long bob. It's still long enough to pull back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way for my exercise classes, but short enough that the curls are bouncy and fun.  My hair was getting kind of scraggly when it was longer, my waves/curls just aren't strong enough to support the weight of longer hair.
Selfie in the car after the salon visit.
Can't find a "before" pic, I guess I don't take many selfies.

I branched out and tried rutabaga based on my brother-in-law Scott's recommendation. I peeled off the waxy coating, cut it into chunks and roasted it with some carrots.  I really liked it!  It was mild and nice, kind of like a toned-down sweet potato.  I would definitely get it again.   And it's less calories and carbohydrates than a standard white potato and higher in fiber.  They would be good in hobo packets when camping.  The only thing is that it's a dense veggie and is a lot of work to cut through.

I sweated my way though two Latin hip-hop cardio (essentially Zumba) classes like usual.  Love it!  I love Monica the instructor, she's really good at Zumba and really gets you moving.  Look her up on Facebook, it's Monica's Dance Fitness.  The Tuesday class is $5 (which is super cheap for a drop-in class in the first place) and the Thursday class is only $3 (I know, it's like it's free!) since it's at a community center.  She also teaches a Monday class in Marshall, which is a little too far for me plus I think two sessions per week is fine. 

On Friday Sonny D and I went to Isthmus a la Carts, the big spring food cart event.  A bunch of carts come to a big park and you pay a $20 entrance fee and you get featured samples from any the carts.  It was fine (aside from the cold weather) but I thought it cost more than it was worth and it wasn't that special.  Plus you had to wait in line a long-ish time for only a tiny sample. I'd rather take the same amount of money and just get food from the carts that interest me instead.  But Sonny D was great, he was patient with standing in line and tried most of the foods we got.  His favorite item was the cheese popcorn (had 2 bags) and I really liked the Ladonia Cafe's vegan BLT. 

For Mother's Day I got a lot of plants - a beautiful stargazer lily from my in-laws, Husband Jeff planned up a pot of pink Gerbera daisies and then an herb garden in a gorgeous Mexican pot, and my parents paid for my choices of a few other food seedlings at the greenhouse.  Oh, and Sonny D made me an adorable pair of earrings at school, I actually like them and wear them.

This Week

  • Monday - We unexpectedly went out for Mother's Day dinner at Buck & Honey's in Sun Prairie last night with Husband Jeff's parents so tonight we're finally we're having our defrosted chicken enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce and salads
  • Tuesday - Roasted tofu and noodles in peanut sauce.  I know I said I was going to have this last week (and for several weeks before that), but this last week we detoured with pancakes made from my sourdough starter because it was ready.  After dinner I've got Zumba.   
  • Wednesday - Husband Jeff's dad is coming over for dinner of a HUGE spiral ham (just under 9lbs!), scalloped potatoes (from a box!), lima beans, and maybe another veggie.  The guys like their ham done up as sandwiches, so maybe I can get Husband Jeff to pick up some good bakery buns on his way home. 
  • Thursday - Zumba again and Sunny D's last swim lesson.  I didn't plan a meal here, but the guys can have ham dinner leftovers while I head off to Zumba right after work.
  • Friday - There is a Northside community carnival going on, I don't know what it is but we're going.  I've heard there will be food trucks at the event, so I want to eat that for dinner.  
  • Saturday - I've got Core Fusion exercise class in the morning, and then maybe visiting my friend Kate in the mid-day and afternoon, but we haven't made any plans yet.  Dinner will be chicken with mustard cream sauce, pasta, and a veggie.
  • Sunday - Northside farmers market in the morning and all-you-can-eat dinner (mainly sushi) with friends at Muramoto, my favorite sushi place in town.  

Wanna Chat?

I turned off the 'leave a comment' feature, so if you want to share what you're thinking about this or anything else, drop me an email at jhk1013 (at) It's so much more cozy than a comment, plus we can have a real conversation!