Monday, May 26, 2014

Menu Plan: Week of May 26

  • Monday - Memorial Day.  We're having guests at our Breakfast Club group by inviting our friends Jim and Isabelle to come with us to the Daisy Cafe.  In the afternoon our neighbors are having a party so we'll be having grilled brats, hot dogs, and burgers there for dinner along with the regular party/grillout fare of chips and salsa, crackers and hummus, etc.
  • Tuesday - Our friend Isabelle is coming over to our quiet house during the day to work a little bit while she's on vacation since we'll be at work or school.  I'm going to take her out to lunch at Underground Butcher since I was really impressed by it last week.  For dinner we're sticking with the summer picnic/grillout theme (went to three different grillouts over the weekend) and going with grilled hot dogs, baked beans, and pesto pasta.   I want to make homemade sourdough pizza tomorrow, so I'll start the crust tonight.
  • Wednesday - Once again, continuing the grilling theme.  I want to make pizza on the grill using Trader Joe's Italian chicken sausage and probably some pepperoni for Sonny D.  We'll also have a frozen bag of garden veggie medley and salads.  
  • Thursday - I've got Zumba right after work so I'm leaving Husband Jeff with the idea of pancakes from the freezer and fruit.
  • Friday - This is Me & D night and I promised him we'd go out for sushi.  He loves fish, rice, and seaweed, so hopefully this goes well. 
  • Saturday - I've got Core Fusion exercise class in the morning and then in the afternoon I'm heading over to Capital Brewery to start setting up for the big Burgers & Brew event.  We've got friends joining us for the actual event, sounds like we'll have a lot of fun and pigging out on a lot of burgers and beer (well, hard lemonade for me since I don't like beer).
  • Sunday - We'll do our regular Northside farmers' market visit in the morning and afterwards is Ride the Drive where they close down a major street in Madison and everybody gets to walk, bike, rollerskate, etc. on the road.  It's so surprisingly quiet and really fun.  In the afternoon I'm excited to have an interior decorator coming to help me accessorize the house.  For diner I want to make coconut-crusted shrimp with orange marmalade dipping sauce, but I don't know if Husband Jeff will be interested in that.  My fallback idea is doing the shrimp up with an almond-panko coating instead and figuring out a non-sweet dip based on whatever we've got in the fridge and pantry.  And fish sticks for Sonny D.  Maybe we'll pick up some veggies at the farmers' market to have with it.

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