Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Healthy Foods by Mail: Cooking Light Cravebox

Recently Cooking Light magazine sent me one of their regular recipe emails, which sometimes I pay attention to and sometimes I ignore.  But this time they really hooked me with one of their ads for something called Cravebox, they're offering special themed boxes of products selected by Cooking Light magazine.  I checked out the website and signed up for the Cooking Light Cravebox

I am assuming I will get healthy food-related items, probably new food products on the market.  If it's anything like my Birchbox beauty box subscription, it was a lot of fun to get each box in the mail each month.  With Birchbox I received a lot of cool items that were definitely worth more than the monthly subscription price.  I eventually had to cancel my Birchbox subscription because I had a hard time using up all of the products and my bathroom storage area was getting overwhelmed.  Maybe we'll do a better job keeping up with with whatever we get from Cravebox.

For the Cravebox, you're given the option to sign up for as many boxes as you want, but there are only four scheduled for the year right now.  I signed up for the first and second boxes available, the "Start Your Year Off Light" and "Fast Meals".  The first box should come right away, and the second one will come in April.  I figured at that point I can decide if I want to sign up for more shipments or not.

If you're interested in joining me, sign up and mention my username 'jessicahk' as a reference.  Thanks!

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