Saturday, April 13, 2013

All Oatmeal Restaurant in NYC

I was looking around online for a recipe for oatmeal bars and found an article about restaurant called OatMeals where the main focus is oatmeal.  Such an awesome concept, I love that the owner came up with some pre-made combos (sweet and savory) but also lets you build a bowl with your choice of toppings.  Plus the prices seem reasonable to me -- $4 for a small, $5 for a medium, and $6 for a large. 

And they also offer other oat-based items, like oatmeal cookies, oatmeal+yogurt parfaits, and oat-bread sandwiches. I need to get to New York to try this out! 

My oatmeal is always of the sweet variety, so a savory bowl of oatmeal seems really weird to me.  That might be my next oatmeal flavor experiment.  How can you go wrong with bacon and cheese? 

Question For You

Would you go to a restaurant specifically to eat oatmeal?  Have you ever ordered oatmeal at a restaurant?  I've only ordered it out once, when I was on a business trip in a fancy hotel. That ended up being a expensive bowl of oats, I think it was $14. 

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