Monday, April 15, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of April 15

  • Monday - leftover Greek egg bake from Sunday, salads, veggie of some sort (frozen or canned)
  • Tuesday - curry shrimp with veggies and rice, salads
  • Wednesday - exercise class so something small and light, usually a sandwich and piece of fruit
  • Thursday - Italian sausage soup, maybe with a quick Bisquick biscuit.  
  • Friday - Sonny D & Husband Jeff will be on their own because I'm working my volunteer shift for the Half-Pint Resale event.  Maybe they can pull something for the freezer and have it ready by the time I get home, but this always takes longer than expected, so they should probably eat without me.
  • Saturday - We've got an event in the morning/mid-day, so we're kind of busy that day but I could definitely make something.  Right now I'm leaning towards leftovers.
  • Sunday - I'm going out with some gals for an all-you-can-eat sushi night at Muramoto, so Sonny D and Husband Jeff will on their own again.  I suggest hot dogs and oven-baked french fries.

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