Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Food Website - Daily Garnish

Emily Malone of Daily Garnish.
I love the Daily Garnish website, it's one of my favorites.  I definitely slow down and pay attention when I find her posts in my blog reader (I use Feedly since the demise of Google Reader).  I love the glimpse into Emily's life, what it's like being into fitness, her cooking adventures, raising a toddler, etc.  In the time I've been following her blog, I've watched them move a couple times, travel to various places, her experiences with her two pregnancies, and their toddler grow up.

But the big focus for me is seeing what they eat.  Her family is vegetarian, and she has great recipes that incorporate lots of healthy fruits and veggies.  In particular, I have bookmarked several of her blog posts and have referenced them several times. Here are they are:
  • I used her recipe for a lentil-quinoa "meatloaf" as the basis for my own BBQ vegetarian "meatloaf", which was a hit with my family.  I was really glad to have her experience guide me through making my first attempt at something like this. 
  • I love her instructions for working with tofu, I pretty much follow what she does except I leave my tofu in large slices for easier flipping while cooking.  And when it comes to cooking, I "dry-fry" mine, meaning I don't put anything in the skillet at all and press as much moisture out as it cooks so it has a nice brown crust at the end with no added fat.
  • She was a great inspiration for how she preps food for the week by roasting a batch of veggies.  After finding her post last year, I oven-roasted many batches of veggies, which we promptly inhaled when topped with hummus "sauce". 
  • And I really appreciated her review of powdered peanut butters.   I wanted an honest evaluation of the various options, particularly since I use and like PB2, but wanted to know how a person whose opinion I trust would rate the other similar products. 
So a huge "thank you" to Emily for all the time she spends making the Daily Garnish website and continuing to post and keep me entertained.  If you also follow her on Twitter or Instagram, she posts adorable photos from her day.


I'm always looking for new food websites, do you have a food website (other than my blog!) you check often?   Let me know if you have any favorites that you really enjoy. 

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