Monday, July 29, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of July 29

Our week is pretty quiet, we don't have anything planned other than Sonny D's weekly swimming lessons on Tuesday evening. I'm hopefully going to try out a couple new recipes and make at least one I've made before for this blog.  
  • Monday - Korean/Asian chicken burgers with salads, and cantaloupe.
  • Tuesday - swimming lessons again, so another quick dinner.  I'm going to make pancakes and a baked egg dish with zucchini, green chiles, and maybe add some bacon to it, too.  While the guys are at swimming lessons, I might go to Zumba class over at MadCity Martial Arts.  The wall of mirrors in the front of the room totally makes it obvious that I'm not the most coordinated and not a natural dancer/mover, but it's a great workout.
  • Wednesday - turkey salisbury steaks with egg noodles and salads.
  • Thursday - I'm skipping my Total Toning exercise class because we're going out for a Korean dinner to celebrate the one year since we brought our adopted son home from Korea.  We still find it strange to be parents, but things are going great! 
  • Friday - baked crab cakes with either some fresh veggies (we're loving sweet corn from the farm stand) or something from the freezer. Maybe both! The Dane Dances start up tonight at the Monona Terrace, so maybe we'll go there after dinner for some entertainment.  
  • Saturday - I've got Core Fusion exercise class in the morning. For lunch we'll scrounge around the kitchen and eat leftovers, sandwiches, or whatever else we find.  For dinner our friends are having a grillout for the husband's birthday so we're heading over there for dinner.  I'm making homemade hummus for as our dish to share. 
  • Sunday - We'll make our weekly visit to the Northside Farmers' Market to buy two Hmong eggrolls for Sonny D and produce for me.  This past Sunday I found that the little smoothie cart there makes spring rolls, so I'm planning to grab one of those for myself next time.  Then we'll have lunch and Sonny D and I are going to my best friend's house for the afternoon, hopefully he'll nap in the car on the way over.  Our plans were to have her kids play with Sonny D out in the pool in the back yard, but the weather this week doesn't look too warm.  Whatever ends up happening, I'm sure they'll have a great time. For dinner we'll grill up something random, maybe veggie pizza burgers, sausages, or hot dogs. 

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