Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saving Corn and Freezing for Later

Stripped fresh sweet corn in a quart freezer bag.
I mentioned using my Pampered Chef kernel cutter tool and I got a chance to use it this weekend because we had a lot of leftover cooked corn on the cob from the ones I picked up a couple days ago at a farm stand.  For half of the corn I used the cutter tool and then switched to a knife to see how they differed. After cutting it off the cob, I put the corn into freezer bags and labeled them with the source, date, and method used so we can compare them later.

Pampered Chef tool

Design: curved serrated edge.

Easy to use, stand the cob up on one end and push it down the side.

Doesn't seem to get much of the corn off the cob, a rather shallow cut. 

Knife (medium size, about 7" blade)

Design: straight blade.

You can control the depth and saw back and forth a bit to cut off what you need. 

You can't cut off more than about three rows of kernels at a time.  Can be easy to go too deep.  Feels a little more dangerous.


I didn't spend a whole lot on the tool, but it feels like a ripoff.  I wish I had tried it with a knife but I didn't really think about any of this before I bought the tool.  I guess I always figured it was a lot of work or required special skills or tools.  But I'm here to tell you that you should really cook up all the corn you get and cut off any extras to freeze for later. 

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