Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beef Tips and Noodles

Let's be right upfront, this is probably the least "clean" recipe I make.  I know it's not healthy since it contains three cans of condensed soup, but I love it so much exactly the way it is that I don't want to change it to try to figure out my own homemade version of "cream of" soups.  Since I make it less than one a year, I figure it's totally fine.

I make this recipe in my medium slow cooker because I'm way too impatient to bake it in the oven for an hour.  After work I want to walk in the door, throw on some water for the pasta, and eat dinner in about 15 minutes.   


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The original recipe calls for only one can of soup along with a packet of dry French onion soup mix, but the reviews say that it needs more liquid, so I increased it to 2 cans of condensed "cream of" soups and one can of french onion soup. 

To appease my family, I dial back on the mushroom-ness of this dish by leaving the sliced mushrooms really large so they can be picked out. 

Instead of buying sirloin tips (not sure I've even seen it available), I buy a 1-pound sirloin steak and cut it into bite-sized pieces.  You end up with the same thing in the end.

This can be gluten-free if you serve it on gluten-free noodles or mashed potatoes.

Ingredients lineup


  • 1 pound sirloin tips or 1 pound sirloin steak cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 can condensed French onion soup
  • 1 can condensed cream of mushroom soup
  • 1 can condensed cream of celery
  • 16 oz package of sliced mushrooms


Mix all of the ingredients in the slow cooker.  Don't add water, there will be enough moisture from the steak and mushrooms.   Cook on low for 8 hours. 

Raw ingredients

Cooked final dish on egg noodles.
I serve this on egg noodles since that's the only way I've ever had it.


Absolute comfort. [albeit mega-salty comfort!]

I totally love this dish even though it's completely unhealthy for you. Well, it could be way worse, it doesn't contain a stick of butter or things fried in lard. But for my usual diet, this is way out there. 

Husband Jeff picked out all of the mushrooms from his serving and put them in my bowl, which is fine by me since I would prefer to use twice as many mushrooms in the recipe and this way I get them.  He would really like it if I didn't use mushrooms at all, but whatever.  I'm the cook and that's how I want to make it.  He likes it otherwise though, I'm guessing it reminds him of the simple and comforting dishes his mom used to make. 

I think we tried to feed Sonny D some of the meat, but I don't think he even tried it.  Too bad for him, but fabulous for us since that means there are more leftovers.

The leftovers freezes nicely (without the noodles), but this time we proceeded to eat the leftovers for lunches. I swear I haven't been increasing the quantity of food I make, but lately it seems like all of our dinners have a ton of leftovers.  I love it since I go home for lunch and leftovers are a great way to have a quick lunch. 

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