Sunday, December 15, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of December 16

Weekend in Review

On Saturday we went downtown to look at the big Christmas tree in the state capitol.  Afterwards we hopped on a free trolley (Sonny D loves buses, this was close enough) and rode it for a few blocks down State Street to hit Paul's Pel'meni to have Russian dumplings for lunch.  Definitely go!  It's on Gorham St right near AJ Bombers, right before you hit State Street.  Go in the door for the Art Supply store and Pelmeni is to the right.  There are only two main items available -- dumplings filled with meat or dumplings with a potato filling.  And it only comes in two sizes, half order (great lunch size for one person) or a full order (if you're a couple sharing or a really hungry person!).  I recommend getting them with everything on them, it's so good!

On Sunday we did some cooking, Sonny D and I baked up some English muffin bread (amazing when toasted!) because he loves using the mixer by himself.  And then right before dinner we made almond yogurt souffles using the whisk.  He has been talking about the whisk attachment for the immersion blender for months so I figure he would be tickled by using it.  Recipe coming for that.

Weekly Menu

  • Monday - After doing my freezer inventory, I found six containers of chili.  Oy!  Well, at least I think they're all chili, there weren't labels on any of them so I was guessing!  So we're having chili with salads for us and avocado and grapes for Sonny D.  Husband Jeff loves having chili, so this will make him happy.
  • Tuesday -  I'm heading to the drop-in Zumba class so we need a quick dinner that won't fill me up too much so I get sick with all the dancing around.  I'm going with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fruit.
  • Wednesday - This is Free Shipping Day! This is the last day of regular shipping before Christmas.  Somehow other deals and discounts don't get me to spend too much, but I love free shipping!  I've got my eye on some hair products to buy today.  For dinner my friend Natalie and I are getting together downtown for tapas at The Icon on State Street.  While I'm gone I figure Husband Jeff and Sonny D are going to have a frozen pizza with avocado and grapes.  If I haven't mentioned it, the favorite frozen pizza in our house is Jack's Rising Crust pepperoni.  So good!  The crust reminds me of soft pretzels.    
  • Thursday - I'm going to make a black bean & butternut enchilada skillet dish.  
  • Friday - Throwing another slow cooker prep day meal in the crock pot, this time it's beef stew served with dinner rolls
  • Saturday - This will be a busy day.  In the morning I want to go to Zumba class at 8. Then we're off to the Kids in the Rotunda performance at the Overture Center with another family.  We had a tradition last year of going to a performance and then going out for lunch afterwards, so we're continuing that again this year.  Then in the evening Husband Jeff and I are going out for dinner and then heading to a roller rink that is having an adult skate night!  They play '70s, '80s, and '90s music.  Can't wait!
  • Sunday - We're going to have burgers on the grill (yep, even when the temperature is 7 degrees Fahrenheit we still grill outside!) along with roasted sweet potato with onion and feta.  It's like a deconstructed version of the sweet potato gratin I made recently

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