Monday, December 30, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of December 30

This past week I

  • took my mom out for sushi and her first trip to Trader Joe's.  
  • over-ate too many times.  We had several holiday celebrations, a few family meals, and some meals out with friends, including a classic Wisconsin fish fry with 18 people!  I need to figure out what is a comfortable amount of food and not go over it.  
  • had an awesome massage at The Wellness Room.   It's a tiny little place, not really so much a spa as only a couple rooms in a charming renovated building.  Both Husband Jeff and I agree that we love the massage techniques of Sarah Tierman, the owner and massage therapist. 
  • didn't have enough time to myself to get done the things I wanted to do, but that's to be expected since there were only about three days that I truly was by myself.

This week 

Things should be pretty uneventful.  I'm going back to work on Thursday.  Hopefully everything hasn't fallen apart without me!  
  • Monday - I'm splurging and trying out one of my food goals I had for 2013, make a tenderloin.  Along with that I'm serving lettuce salad, Trader Joe's vegetable melange, corn casserole, and pumpkin bars.
  • Tuesday - it's New Year's Eve and daycare is closed.  For lunch Sonny D and I are having pasta with red sauce since we opened the jar of marinara sauce for parmigiana meatloaf on Sunday night.  For dinner we're going out with friends to Dobhan (Nepalese-Indian-Mediterranean fusion). 
  • Wednesday - New Year's Day and I'm going to help a friend out during the day.  For dinner I'm determined to use up the eye of round steaks I bought for cheap.  I'm going to make a braised dish, which will hopefully result in tender meat.  I'll serve them with sauteed green beans
  • Thursday - I'm finally going back to work today.  Not looking forward to it, it's been great taking time off.  For dinner I'm making a slow cooker dish of Indian chicken with spinach, served with naan bread from Trader Joe's.
  • Friday - I'm going out for my friend Jill's birthday dinner, we're going to Imperial Garden for Chinese food.  I put hot dogs, mac & cheese, and clementines on the menu for Sonny D and Husband Jeff. 
  • Saturday - My only plans are Zumba class at 8 a.m.  For dinner I figured we'd have polenta pizza rounds, Husband Jeff and I liked those.  I'll find a random bag of frozen veggies to serve along with it.
  • Sunday -I've got some bacon and butternut squash in the freezer calling my name, so I'm going to try out a recipe for bacon & butternut squash pasta.  The recipe called for Gruyere cheese, but it was $10 for a small block at the grocery store and my frugal nature came out.  I stood in front of the cheese section for a long time trying to determine a cheaper replacement and finally ended up with Swiss.  I hope it works out! 

Wanna Chat?

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