Sunday, April 12, 2015

Menu Planning: Week of April 13

In preparation for our Whole30 cleanse/detox, this week I'm planning that we'll aim to eat up some of the foods that we can't have during the detox so we can get them out of the house. Next week I'm hoping our meals will skew even more towards gluten-free and compliant foods so we can prep our minds and bodies for the cleanse. 

It's a quiet week. I've been slowly adding to a pile of stuff for Goodwill, probably should take that in before it gets too large. We did a lot of garden/yard cleanup over the weekend, feels good to have it ready. I've also got my garden and plantings all planned out, can't wait to go buy seeds and seedlings. Just have to wait for Husband Jeff to put the plastic on the raised garden bed. 

Monday - Trader Joe's tomato & roasted red pepper soup with quesadillas.   The tortillas have been languishing in the fridge and need to get eaten up, same with the soup we opened this weekend. It's Sonny D's favorite soup, he calls it "red soup".

Tuesday - Sonny D will do his usual plan of hanging out with grandma and grandpa for the evening, but our Zumba class is cancelled for the next few weeks because our instructor had appendicitis last weekend and an appendectomy. Not sure when we'll have class next. I don't really want to skip the exercise, but it would be nice to have a date night with Husband Jeff.  I looked at the nearby movie theater and they've got Furious 7 playing, and I love cars and action movies, so it sounds great!  Plus Tuesdays are $5 movies, can't beat that price for the first-run movies. Maybe I can convince him to grab something quick to eat and head over there. 

Wednesday - panko-crusted tilapia, gnocchi alla sorentina, and peas, all frozen stuff from Trader Joe's and stuff we can't eat during the cleanse. 

Thursday - General Tso's tofu with rice and chicken-cilantro wontons. I really hope this is the last of the wontons, they're really good but it's like the never-ending bag from Costco. I swear I've made wontons from this bag at least 5-6 times and they're still not gone.  Another meal full of things we can't eat on the cleanse. 

Friday - I'm shopping at and working my volunteer shift at the Half-Pint Resale event, that leaves Husband Jeff and Sonny D to fend for dinner by themselves. When given options, Sonny D said he wanted pasta with red sauce. It's also open swim night at the nearby elementary school, hopefully they get to go because last week's swim lesson was cancelled because the instructor was sick. Sonny D took it all in stride, but he was really looking forward to class.  

Saturday - I'm spending all day at Madison Food Camp, I'm so excited!  They still have spots open if you'd like to come too!  Sonny D has his official swimming lesson, I hope he does as well as the last time, he actually stayed in the water for the whole lesson and did great. Dinner is Italian sausages, soycutash, and Syracuse salt potatoes (potatoes boiled in a really salty brine, it makes them tender). Only the potatoes from this meal can be eaten during our cleanse.  It's a recipe I haven't tried before, but if they're good I'll make them again. 

Sunday - We're going out with husband Jeff's parents for for Jeff's birthday (a few days early) and our anniversary. No idea where we'll go, but Husband Jeff tends to pick his favorite local pizza place, Glass Nickel. Since I get a tiny 1/3 vote, I'd like to suggest going somewhere else.  One of our well-liked Chinese restaurants (Imperial Garden east) is closing because they're getting torn down to make way for new development and it would be nice to go there one last time. Plus I like that it's one of the few nice eat-in Asian restaurants around, most of them are the quick takeout places. 

Have a nice week and enjoy the weather wherever you are, it's supposed to be in the 60s and 70s this week for us.  

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