Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of Feburary 11

Monday - Baked potato soup

Tuesday - meeting friends for a margarita happy hour and Mexican food at Laredo's

Wednesday - Moroccan chicken in the slow cooker with pasta, honey-sesame carrot coins

Thursday - Valentine's Day picnic on the floor in our living room.  This is a tradition Jeff and I created when we first started dating and we've tried to continue it ever since.  We'll have Italian sandwiches (salami & ham with giardinera), hummus & crackers, and individual brownie/chocolate cakes made in the microwave.

Friday - going out to the Green Owl Cafe to use a Groupon that will expire soon.

Saturday - Asian meatloaf with a package of frozen veggies, rice, maybe kimbop (a Korean version of sushi, not raw)

Sunday -  chicken spaghetti casserole

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