Thursday, February 7, 2013

Prep-ahead: Roasted Veggie Bowls with Quinoa

Roasted vegetables.
On Sunday I roasted some veggies for dinner later in the week.  I cut up sweet potatoes, onion, yellow squash, carrots, and the mushroom stems left over after making stuffed mushrooms.  I tossed everything with a little olive oil (and possibly salt, I don't remember) and roasted them for 45 minutes. 

On Wednesday I started up some quinoa in the rice cooker (same ratio as rice, 2:1 water to quinoa), and we discussed our flavor options.  We went with Asian, so I pulled out all the various sauces and flavorings from the fridge. 

Quinoa made in the rice cooker.

Husband Jeff used the last of the gochujang, a spicy Korean pepper paste.  Sonny D and I had chunjang, Korean black bean paste along with some soy sauce.  We also had hard-boiled eggs and tortilla chips with nacho cheese sauce.  We also ate a lot of Cutie clementines for dessert, they're so good!
Not pretty, but tasty.

There is a bit of roasted veggies and quinoa left over, so I'm going to have it for lunch today with mashed avocado and horseradish hummus.  It should be delicious, I can't wait.

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