Monday, July 1, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of July 1

  • Monday - I was originally planning to make the crab cakes I have blogged about, but I realized I didn't have a lot of the ingredients, so I need to figure out something quick.  The only thing I need to make is the swiss chard that I picked up at the farmers' market a week ago.  Luckily swiss chard is really hearty and doesn't wilt quickly, so it's still hanging out in the crisper drawer looking all vibrant.  Maybe we'll have turkey melt sandwiches and salads along with some sauteed chard. 
  • Tuesday - Sonny D was supposed to start swimming lessons last week but the pool was closed, so tonight will be the first night of swimming.  I'm going with banana pancakes and bacon & cheese quiche.
  • Wednesday - I think we'll grill the steak I picked up at the farmers' market and have it with veggies.
  • Thursday - Szechuan tempeh stir fry with rice.  The Szechuan veggie stir fry is a frozen bag of veggies where you add your own protein, and I happen to have a package of locally-made tempeh (fermented soybean cake) from the restaurant Bandung that I am excited to try, so I figured I'd throw that in. 
  • Friday - I'm insisting that we're going out for a fish fry at the East Side Club.  I haven't been there since the new catering group took over and I'm excited to try it.  I love a good fish fry! 
  • Saturday - We're going to a family Fourth of July picnic for lunch, so that might be a huge feast of gluttonous over-eating, so dinner might not be much of anything.  There will probably be a family thing going on for dinner since Husband Jeff's brother will be in town with his family. 
  • Sunday - I'm planning for breakfast tacos with scrambled egg and breakfast sausage. Or maybe soup and sandwiches.  Or popcorn.  Who knows.  Sundays are usually a day for relaxing, but it's also a day when you can get a lot of cooking done. 

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