Friday, July 19, 2013

Unplanned Farm Stand Stop

I was so glad to see the Old Stage Vegetable Gardens farm stand over lunch today.  I immediately switched lanes and made a swift turn so I could see what they had available.  I bought a dozen ears of sweet corn and a cantaloupe.  I tried to buy two melons, but I had run out of money.  To me that's a great day when I run out of money buying great fresh local produce. 

The last time I bought a cantaloupe (a grocery store one, not even a good local one), I ate it all by myself in two days, so I was really excited for more melon.  I should have dug in the change area in my car to scrape together enough to get a second cantaloupe! 
The actual stand I bought from!  Love this place!

I bought a nifty Pampered Chef corn stripper tool that I've been excited to use.  You boil all your corn like you do normally and eat as many as you want.  For any uneaten ears, use the kernel cutter to cut the corn off from the cob and then freeze it in freezer bags.  That's why I bought a dozen, I knew if we didn't eat it all, we'd be able to save it for this fall and winter.  You can use a knife to cut the corn off the cob, but it's a little more dicey.  You have to know what you're doing, it's a pretty dangerous gig to try to wrangle an unstable ear of corn along with a big sharp knife.  And it's not too efficient, the knife blade is flat, but the corncob is curved.  But if you are good at it, I'm sure it's quite quick. 

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