Monday, July 22, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of July 22

The weather seems like it won't be as hot as last week, so I would love to bake and cook some more this week. This past Sunday I made sauteed chard, caramel corn (for a bake sale at daycare), and zucchini bread. Last year I made zucchini bread and turned it into French toast, which was excellent.
  • Monday - Szechuan tempeh stir fry (served on rice for the guys, I'll have mine on chopped mushrooms) with salads, avocado, and cherries.  I'm happy to say that the tempeh (fermented soybeans) is made by a local Indonesian restaurant, Bandung.  I saw a flier for the tempeh while eating at the restaurant and I bought it at Willy St. Co-op.
  • Tuesday - Sonny D has swimming lessons so we're having my standard quick breakfast-for-dinner.  This time we're having home-frozen pancakes, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, and bananas. We've started a tradition of going out for ice cream after swimming lessons, we've gone to Chocolate Shoppe and McDonald's. 
  • Wednesday - We're going out for dinner with friends at Merchant for restaurant week.
  • Thursday - I've got Total Toning exercise class so this will be another quick dinner.  I'm planning for spaghetti with garlic bread and a frozen bag of Trader Joe's vegetable melange.  All things I had planned to make last week but never got around to cooking up.
  • Friday - We'll grill out hot dogs/sausages/veggie burgers, along with steamed beets for Husband Jeff and sauteed beet greens for me. 
  • Saturday - The St Dennis Catholic church on the east side is having their annual St Dennis Festival, which has an excellent book sale and rummage sale.  Husband Jeff is going to run their 5k in the morning and I'm planning to go to Zumba class and meet them at the festival afterwards. And Greek Fest is this weekend as well, so it might be fun going there for dinner.
  • Sunday - Like every Sunday, I plan to go to the northside farmers' market.  It's held in the parking lot of a little strip mall only a couple blocks away from our house.  I love being able to walk up there and browse a nice small farmers' market in our neighborhood.  Typically we get Sonny D a couple Hmong egg rolls up there while I walk around trying to decide what to buy.  And since most of my Sundays are lazy times, I'm planning dinner will be soup and sandwiches. 

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