Monday, August 5, 2013

Meal Plan: Week of August 5

Weekly update on my progress on our virtual mountain climb - 292 steps so far, 7.9% of complete.  I'm averaging about 58 "steps" per day.  It's definitely much easier first thing in the morning when I'm fresh and a lot more difficult if I do it after I'm worn out from exercising. 

  • Monday - We didn't have the crab cakes that I planned for last week but I've got some fresh green onion that I bought for that recipe so I need to use them up before they go bad.  So we're having crab cakes, salads made from greens from the farmers' market, avocado for Sonny D, leftover steamed carrots and beets from Sunday's farmers' market, maybe more corn on the cob from the farm stand, cantaloupe from the farm stand, and Door County cherries from the farmers' market.
  • Tuesday - Husband Jeff is taking Sonny D to his swimming lessons and I'm going to Zumba class with my friend Jessica so another night of something quick and easy.  I was recently enticed by the idea of the breakfast sandwiches since it's such a tasty combo and quick, so I'm making us egg-sausage-cheese bagel sandwiches, Trader Joe's tomato & roasted red pepper soup, cantaloupe, and cherries.
  • Wednesday - I might attempt pizza stew in the slow cooker, fingerling potatoes cooked in foil packets, and geek yogurt souffl├ęs, but I'm really enticed by the idea of pizza at the new Grampa's Pizzeria
  • Thursday - My Total Toning exercise class is right after work (6 p.m.), so I usually want something really small, like a peanut butter sandwich or random leftovers.  Grandma and Grandpa might watch Sonny D.
  • Friday - Last week we met up with friends at Dane dances and we might go again this week if we're not feeling too overwhelmed and busy. If we do, we'll pack some food for dinner and supplement it with some things from the food stands.
  • Saturday - Our friend Jessica's husband might be out of town so we're planning dinner with her at Red Lobster.  Three cheers for the Cheddar Bay Biscuits!
  • Sunday - I love my weekly tradition of going to the Northside farmers' market.  Last week I tried the spring roll from the smoothie cart at the market and it was huge and tasty, so I can't wait for another one this week!  For dinner we're having friends over for a barbeque.

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