Friday, August 2, 2013

My Admissions to You

I'm a little hesitant to admit...

  • that I ate gross "non-food" as a kid, like I drank Sunny Delight and ate Cookie Crisp cereal.  Why did my mom let me do that??  She would even occasionally pack s'mores Pop-Tarts in my lunches.  Total crap.  But I ate pretty decent otherwise.  Umm, not counting the Dinty Moore Beef Stew or the Hormel chili I ate often.  Eeep!  Luckily I had a great metabolism even though I didn't play sports.
  • that I wouldn't mind drinking a big glass of Sunny Delight right now.
  • that I enjoy eating sodium-bomb low-calorie frozen lunch entrees.  Sometimes I just really want a little plastic tray of ranchero braised beef in a spicy red chile sauce served with a side of chipotle mashed sweet potatoes.  So tasty, quick, convenient, and portion-controlled.
  • that I'm irrational with money -- I'm a tightwad in some ways, but relaxed with money in other ways.  I rarely decline a meal out with friends and occasionally treat them to fun appetizers because I think they need to try something.  But when it comes to something like a $15 shirt that I think is cute, I "hem and haw" over it for a long time!  Husband Jeff is usually pretty good at pointing out when I'm being irrationally frugal with money and that I should go ahead and buy whatever I'm hesitating over. 
  • that I eat non-dairy creamer every morning on my oatmeal.  It's chemicals and artificial everything, but it's a low-calorie non-dairy choice.  Although I did look and find that coconut milk has less calories than I thought, so now I'm excited to try making my own coconut milk creamer. 
  • I get a little paranoid about food warnings, like arsenic in your rice, the dangers of soy, carrageenan in everything, etc. 
  • I'm a box hoarder.  When I buy things, I save the boxes that they come in.  Sometimes the reason is because things are easier to move in their original box rather than attempting to find a new one that the item will fit in, like the microwave. Although we've lived in our house for 8+ years and have no plans to move, but I still hang on to those boxes.  Another reason I save boxes is to know what the ingredients are, which helped a few years ago when I had an itchy allergic rash to sunscreen and I could determine which ingredients were likely causing it.

I'm not afraid to admit...

  • I like pop songs by artists like Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift and don't feel bad about it because I agree with Sarah Von, there's no reason to feel guilty about it!   
  • I totally love '80s music.
  • I can't live without my lip balm. Sometimes I get anxious if we're leaving the house and neither my husband or I have lip balm. 
  • I'm weirdly obsessed with sets of nested mixing bowls.  Off the top of my head I can think of at least five sets that I own.  I can't buy any more because I have nowhere to put them.
  • I have planned a vacation around food -- I went from Wisconsin to Santa Fe, New Mexico, by myself to take some cooking classes.  And any time we go on vacation, I look for restaurants first. 

I'm proud...

Husband Jeff and I on our wedding day.
  • that we recycle a major portion of our household waste, so much that the every-other-week pickup schedule for recycling is usually not often enough and the recycling bin tends to be overflowing.  
  • that we compost in our own compost bin.
  • that we live in a neighborhood where we can walk to our library, grocery store, hardware store, drug store, a big park, the lake, a farmers' market, and several good local restaurants and cafes.
  • to provide my toddler son with nutritious protein-filled afternoon snacks to supplement what they already provide at daycare.  Daycare tends to give the kids snacks like crackers and milk, so a lot of carbs and maybe a little protein if he actually drinks the milk, with no fruits or veggies.  I don't want to pack items that would cause a lot of work for the lady that runs his room and items that need to stay cold are a pain.  I send things like hard-boiled eggs, freeze-dried edamame, Chunks of Energy protein nuggets, peanut butter sandwiches, faux trail mix of peanuts and raisins, etc.  His daycare lady has commented that we send along such good food, compared with what the other kids have.  Apparently the other parents send along things like boxes of cheesy crackers.
  • that I eat healthy oatmeal for breakfast every morning... and sometimes for lunch too. It's kind of an obsession. 
  • that I've never smoked and I rarely drink.
  • that I read a lot.  And get books from the public library rather than buying them, but that's because I'm cheap. 
  • to say "no" to artificial sweeteners.Well, it's not solely because they're creepy and weird, they also give me gas!
  • that I plan ahead for meals so my family can eat healthy foods.  It's a lot of work every week, but I love the planning aspect and I love cooking.
  • that my wedding dress was pink/red plaid (check out the picture!).   

So there, now you've checked out some random things about me.  To read more about who I am, check out my profile

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