Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Size Pancakes Do You Make?

The advent of the internet is a wonderful thing.  It allows me to shop at stores that aren't local to me, read and share information, and look at images I wouldn't normally encounter.  After years of browsing on the internet, along came blogs and Pinterest showing more of everybody's home lives and I realized something.  When I paid attention to photos of pancakes online, I discovered not everybody makes pancakes the way I'm used to.  Growing up, our pancakes were always on the larger side, where one would cover most of a dinner plate.  But now I find there are other sizes for pancakes, some are palm-sized or even smaller. I knew you could get "silver dollar" pancakes at restaurants, but I figured that was just a restaurant novelty like Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes, done to appeal to children. 

How Big Are Yours?

What size pancakes do you pour out when you make them at home?   If you make small pancakes at home, why that size?  Is that the size pancake you grew up with?  Does it just look better for blog pictures? Do you do it for children?  Are they easier to deal with when cooking?  I'm terrible at flipping pancakes.  As I flip, the raw top sometimes touches one of the already-flipped pancakes, thus tainting it with raw eggy batter.  So if smaller pancakes makes them easier to flip, I should try it.

What Goes On Top?

What do you typically put on your pancakes?  I only ever want butter along with lite syrup or boysenberry syrup, but I know some people skip the butter (sacrilegious!) and top with fruit and such.  Sometimes we'll put butter, syrup, and whipped cream on waffles, but I don't think we've ever tried it on pancakes.    

Tell me about your pancakes!

Wanna Chat?

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