Monday, August 26, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of August 26

Mountain climber challenge progress

For our virtual mountain climb I did 431 steps since last Monday, 1,923 steps total since we started, which is 82% complete out of the total 2,330 steps.  This week I slacked a bit since I was really busy with work, I even forgot to do them one day.  Oops.  I'm way down this week, I averaged only 61 "steps" per day, compared with last week's average of 90 "steps" per day.   

On Sunday we rode on the city bus to go out for pizza since Sonny D loves buses.  He did great, he sat down in his seat and was quiet the whole time.  Total pro at it!  We had delicious pizza and then made our way back to the bus stop and went home.  The best was when we got back to our car at the park-and-ride lot, Sonny D said "good-bye, bus!" 

Meal Plan

I need to do a freezer inventory because I know my current freezer list is out of date.  Sometimes I get busy and I don't remember to write down the new things I put in the freezer and also forget to cross items off when we use them.  Plus I've been freezing a lot of my own fresh food, like zucchini shreds and sweet corn, and I know those aren't on the list.  I hope I can find time for that this week because it becomes harder to plan meals when you're not really sure what you've got in the house.

  • Monday - I've got an adoption group committee meeting in the evening so dinner needs to be quick. I'm going with a Korean-inspired dish with  tofu, veggies, and rice noodles and served with salads.  I'll dry-fry the tofu and throw in random veggies and Korean flavors from japchae ("mixed and stirred vegetables").
  • Tuesday - Last week we enjoyed our dinner at the food carts at our neighborhood meet-and-eat event.  I had tofu squash curry, Husband Jeff had nachos and a couple beef and cheese empanadas plus a yogurt from home. Sonny D had a container of yogurt from home, some of the empanadas, and definitely some nachos.  Since we liked it last time and it's the last week of the food carts, we're going to have dinner there with Husband Jeff's parents. In the evening I've got an electrolysis appointment, I've only had one real session so far but I'm loving the results.  I'm having them zap the hairs on my legs.
  • Wednesday - We're ready to harvest a lot of eggplant from our garden, so I'm going to try oven-baked eggplant parmigiana. I've never made it before but I've made tofu parmigiana, so I figure it should be similar (famous last words!). I also found a recipe for a quick 3-serving, 3-minute microwave chocolate cake that I want to try out so I can share it with you. 
  • Thursday - Sonny D has a haircut after dinner so we're aiming for a little quicker meal.  I'm going to make a breakfast casserole (hash browns, meat, cottage cheese, eggs, veggies) because it's a great way to use up small amounts of ingredients and I think I've got a couple breakfast sausages hanging out and some pre-cooked bacon in the freezer.  Hopefully I can convince the guys that we need sweet potato pancakes with the egg dish since I really want to try them. 
  • Friday - After work I'm going shopping with my friend Jessica and we're going to Noodles and Company for dinner since its quick and can be decently healthy. Gotta be fast so we can shop as much as possible!  I figure Husband Jeff and Sonny D will have a frozen pizza for dinner while I'm out, at least I think we've still got frozen pizzas downstairs in the chest freezer! 
  • Saturday - This Saturday and Sunday are the Taste of Madison, which is one of my favorite local "holidays" since it's a great way to try a variety of foods.  For lunch we'll aim for a lighter meal with pesto pasta with shredded zucchini and artichoke hearts. Also fish (maybe poached?) since we've got a couple pieces hanging around in the freezer.  Then in the afternoon/evening we'll go to the Taste of Madison and pig out.
  • Sunday - We'll hit the Northside farmers' market like usual so we can get Sonny D's two egg rolls and my two spring rolls. Last week we tried fresh-squeezed orange juice and carrot juice from the smoothie cart, which was quite nice, we might get that again or try another combo. Husband Jeff is going to help our friends Dustin & Jessica move, so he'll probably do that while we're at the market. Later, our friends Alicia & Brian are having a pig roast, which sounds like fun, so we'll head over there for the afternoon. 
  • Monday - Since Monday is a holiday, I'll include it here since in my mind its an extension of the weekend and not really the start of a new week. It's so far away that its hard to plan for it, but I've written down hot dogs, a veggie pizza burger, and Trader Joe's frozen gnocchi alla Sorrentina.

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