Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Fitness Challenge: Holding a Plank

I enjoyed the virtual climb up Mount Corcovado that I did in August and September (finished just after Labor Day) so when I found this 30-day plank challenge, I decided I would try it.  I can already hold a  variety of plank positions and I do them regularly in my Saturday morning Core Fusion class, but it would be fun to challenge myself to advance to longer holds and more difficult versions. 

I like that this starts on October 1 and is only a month long.  I like the specific amount of time for the challenge.  I am worried that I'll forget to do it, so once again, I'll set my phone to remind me each day. 

Try it with me!  Check the plank challenge page to see the examples, it starts with the easiest and tells you how to make it harder if you need it.  Push yourself to see what you can do!  Holding the plank position is great for your abdominal muscles, so you'll get a good mini workout. 

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