Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sweet Potato in Your Pancakes

This isn't the type of potato pancake made of shredded potato, this is a standard American breakfast pancake. I didn't make the pancakes from scratch, but rather added cooked and mashed sweet potato to Kodiak Cakes pancake mix
Pancakes on the griddle.

Sweet Potato Cookery

I cooked a sweet potato in the microwave in two stages.  I left it wet from washing and poked holes with a fork and cooked it for one minute.  Flipped it over and cooked for another minute.  Then put it in a container with the lid on and let it cool in the fridge for a few hours because I had to get back to work. 

When I got home and ready to make dinner, I pulled out the sweet potato and hoped that putting it in the container while still hot would make it easier to peel, but it didn't.  So I used a paring knife and peeled the skin off and cut it into medium-sized chunks.  Then I filled the container with water and cooked it for another couple minutes in the microwave until a fork went into it easily.  I drained the water out and mashed the sweet potato chunks with a fork until it was a pretty smooth mash.

Normally I cook my sweet potatoes in the microwave without water but they can get kind of stringy.  Using this method of cutting it up and cooking it in water ended up nice and smooth.  I liked it a lot and will definitely do it again.


I added 1 mashed sweet potato to a batch and a half of Kodiak Cakes pancake mix (1 1/2 cups mix).  That's my new favorite pancake mix.  Yes, I know it's probably pretty easy to make your own pancakes from scratch, but I like it since it's whole grains and super-quick.  Plus it doesn't need any additional ingredients other than water, there's no added fat or oil.
Cooked and mashed sweet potato into pancake mix.
We stirred in the mashed sweet potato and I checked the thickness of the batter.  It seemed a little thick, so I added a bit more water until it looked right. 
Sonny D stirring the mash into the batter.

Batter closeup.

I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to portion out pancake batter, and it still seemed a little thick, so I used the bottom of the measuring cup to spread the batter out on the electric skillet. 
Waiting for bubbles to break and stay.
 Cook like normal.


Sonny D ate a couple pancakes without hesitation.  Husband Jeff and I liked them as well. 

With butter and syrup on these pancakes, you couldn't really tell the sweet potato was there since pancake syrup is really strongly flavored.  For my last one I used just butter and a spray of whipped cream in a can and it was good, a perfect light touch of sweetness.  Plus this is a great way to add another serving of vegetables to your day.

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