Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meal Plan: Week of September 3

On Sunday I inventoried my freezers while Sonny D napped.  As I unearthed things, I discovered I've froze seven bags of corn.  I mentioned that fact to Husband Jeff and he said we should dole them out throughout the winter.  I did a little counting and it comes out that we can have corn every 3.7 weeks starting in November and that will take us through until May.  Sounds great to me.  I also found I've been throwing leftovers in the freezer without labeling them or noting them on the inventory, so I had to do a lot of detective work to figure out what things were.  It took quite a while to get all of that done, but it feels good to know what we've got (mainly corn!).

Monday was Labor Day, we celebrated by going for a family canoe ride in the morning at the Warner Park lagoon.  For the rest of the day we mainly hung around the house.  I made a couple new recipes, including canning some wine jelly! Look for that in a couple days. 

We don't have many plans this week so we're going to do a little housecleaning, focusing on cleaning off some horizontal surfaces (dresser top, bookcases, desk, side table, etc.) and consolidating some cleaning supplies and bathroom products. I'd also like to go through my clothing and remove the things I don't really wear.  Sometimes it's hard to get rid of things, maybe something that was expensive, a fancy brand, or was a gift. But I've just got to be honest with myself and realize I'm never going to want to wear some things.  I'd also like to ensure I've got all my new clothes in my Closet iPhone app.  It shows you pictures of your clothing and you can set up outfits. 

My progress on the mountain climber challenge - this past week I was a total slacker. Ugg.  I only did 310 steps and skipped several days. That was way less than previous week, which was down from the week before that.  I just checked and I'm so close to the end!  2,233 steps total, only 97 steps left!

Here is the menu plan for this short week.  I struggled with committing to specific dishes, but I know if I don't just write down something, I'll be too tempted to go out. 
  • Tuesday - baked eggplant Parmesan and pasta to take advantage of the eggplant in our garden. 
  • Wednesday - lentil taco salads.  I bought a package of pre-cooked lentils from Trader Joe's and once you open them you've  only got a couple days to eat them so I needed a recipe that used a large amount of lentils.  I'll treat them like cooked ground beef and heat them up with a packet of taco seasoning and then we can throw them on some salad greens.    
  • Thursday - We have a ton of basil in our garden so its another night of pesto pasta (no bacon but maybe some cottage cheese for a creamy version). And time to eat some of the random bits and ends in the freezer, we've got one lonely piece of fish and an open packet of hot dogs. 
  • Friday - When I did the freezer inventory I decided we should eat up some of the leftovers I've frozen since they won't last forever.  So we're going to eat two items from the freezer, African peanut stew served on quinoa.  I remember that when I made the quinoa I seasoned it, but I don't remember what flavor it was. At least I'm pretty sure it's savory. 
  • Saturday - It's a busy day for me, I've got Zumba class, going to a buy-stuff-at-home party (Arbonne), and a massage.  But that's all during the day and won't interfere with dinner. I'm going to experiment with making pizza pockets using frozen bread dough.
  • Sunday - We'll do our standard visit to the northside farmers' market in the morning for Sonny D's eggrolls.  I still love the giant spring rolls and will probably get one to save for a snack on Monday, but last week I wanted Mexican so I got a barbacoa taco and it was so good.  I might need to do that again, even though the spring rolls are much healthier for me.  In the afternoon my best friend's family is coming to Madison and Husband Jeff and I are watching their kids while she and her husband go to a parenting thing.  I convinced them to stick around for dinner so we're all going to spaghetti-on-the-board.  Should be another fun adventure. 

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