Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eggs in Tomato Sauce (shakshuka)

I had never heard of it, but shakshuka is a middle eastern dish where you poach eggs in tomato sauce.  I made a quick version – sautéed some pepper stir fry for about 5 min, added garlic and cooked a bit more, then added about half a jar of spaghetti sauce.  Made divots in the sauce and slid eggs into them.  I used my medium skillet and got 6 eggs in. I would have preferred the eggs a tiny bit runny, but husband Jeff likes them solid so I added his before mine and cooked the whole thing a little longerIt took longer than I expected for the eggs to be cooked, maybe almost 15 minutes. Sprinkled a little feta on top towards the end because that’s what I had leftover.  We served it on toast, but next time I would like to serve it on polenta because the toast was a little too firm.  And I thought it could use more sauce, so maybe I would use the whole jar or maybe add some plain canned tomato sauce.

Can I just go on a little bit about pepper stir fry?  It's my current favorite food find.  It's so nice to have on hand to throw in recipes.  It seems I'm always looking at recipes that start with peppers and onions, and usually there's an onion in my hanging fruit/veggie basket, but I never seem to buy peppers.  Plus the non-green bell peppers are always way more expensive, and my el cheapo side tends to win out and I don't get the more-tasty other colors.  But in the pepper stir fry there's a variety of colors of peppers -- yellow, orange, red, etc.The peppers and onions come in decent-sized chunks but it's easy to dice it a little smaller.

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