Monday, September 23, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of September 23

This should be a relatively quiet week except Husband Jeff is going to be away for dinner for a couple evenings so I get to wrangle Sonny D all by myself (god bless the single parents, I don't know how they do it!). We're also trying to plan a date night since we haven't had one in a while. 
  • Monday - I bought a fresh lemon to make creamy crockpot lemon chicken and I figured I had better hurry up and use it while it's still good. I'll serve it on pasta along with salads. 
  • Tuesday - Jeff is away for work so I think I'll make pesto fresh from our garden with pasta since it's one of Sonny D's favorites. I'll also make hot dogs (one of my favorites, I like light Kosher dogs) along with sweet potato fries.  On Thursday I'm participating in a potluck for a coworker's promotion and I want to make a vegetarian chickpea pesto soup for my dish to share but since I'll be busy on Wednesday, I want to make it tonight.
  • Wednesday - Jeff is away again during dinner time and I've got PiYo class so I'm going to make a quick dinner of a frozen broccoli and beef Asian meal for Sonny D and I. 
  • Thursday - Jeff and I are planning a date night at Dobhan to use a discounted restaurant gift certificate.  
  • Friday - I'm going out for a moms' night out at Pasqual's and I figure Husband Jeff will opt for his usual meal choice of pizza.
  • Saturday - During the day we're going to Applefest with another family. I'd like to try making BBQ tempeh sandwiches for dinner.
  • Sunday - We'll go for our usual morning visit to the north side farmers' market and then over lunch/early afternoon our adoption social worker is throwing a big party at a local farm because she's retiring. We'll be taking our own lunch but since I've never done a cooler weather picnic, I'll need to reasearch ideas for what to pack for us.  For dinners on the weekend, I always have trouble deciding what to make.  Usually by the end of the week I'd prefer to have a really simple meal of something like soup and melt sandwiches, but the weekends are also the time when I get a lot of time to prep dinner and let it cook for a while.  This might be another simple day, or it might be something a little more involved.  We'll see what happens when Sunday gets here!

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