Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can I Talk You Into Making Lima Beans?

Lima bean ingredients.

Lima Beans

On Tuesday night I made lima beans to go with broiled swai Parmesan.  I know lima beans are a classic 'ewww' food, but hear me out, they're so delicious.

My inspiration is this recipe, Farmer's Market Lima Beans. Typically you boil the beans in stock, diced onion, and some ham or pork, but the onion in my crisper drawer was too far gone and we didn't have any ham or pork.  The original recipe is great, but I had to improvise.

I boiled half a bag of beans in a can of chicken stock with some minced jarred garlic, onion powder, fresh black pepper, a tablespoon of butter, and a little herbal spice blend.  They cook on the stove for about 25 minutes.

The beans come out so tender and silky, not dry or mealy.

 We scoop them out without the liquid and maybe add a little salt if you think they need them.  
Beans cooking in the pot.

Lima beans on my plate.

Broiled Swai Parmesan

Broiled swai Parmesan

The fish was a variation on the original recipe as well.  I thought it was overkill to use both butter and mayo, so I used light mayo with freshly grated Parmesan, dried basil, black pepper, bottled lemon juice, celery seed, and dried lemon peel (got these last two for Christmas). 

I love that the fish is broiled, I always forget about the broiler.  It's so hot and quick, and perfect for fish.

Husband Jeff also had a salad for dinner, but I passed on that because I had a big lunch out.  He and sonny D had toasted crumpets as well.  Sonny D ate a filet and a half of fish, that's a lot!  So this variation gets his approval, too.

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