Friday, March 8, 2013

Ritzy Rolos Sandwich Cookies

An extreme close-up of salty, flaky sweetness


Something Swanky Rolo Stuffed Ritz Crackers

This is definitely not a healthy recipe.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought I should try making them for my coworkers.  That way Husband Jeff and I get to have some, but we don't go overboard since I can take the rest to work.

The concept is simple enough, lay down a Ritz cracker, put a Rolo candy on top, put them in the oven until they melt.  Top with another Rolo and let cool. 


  •   Box of Ritz crackers (you'll use almost a full box)
  • Bag of Rolo candies (you'll use all of these)
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Open up the Ritz crackers and put them down on your baking sheet.  I used my 1/4 sheet pan, which has a raised edge so they wouldn't slide off the side.  
Open up the Rolo candies and start unwrapping.  This is the tedious part.  I unwrapped each one before I put it on the cracker, maybe it would have been better to unwrap all the candies first.

I was able to fit 54 crackers on my pan, which matched up to the 56 Rolos in the bag, with two candies left over for my husband and I to eat.

Once I slid it in the oven, I started a timer so I knew how long they would take.  It took 3 minutes before the Rolos looked melted, and they were perfect, not too gushy but soft enough to smush.

I hurried to place the second cracker on top, but it ended up that they stay pretty melty for a while, so I didn't need to rush. 


This was a great little treat.  The result is a salty-sweet, crispy-chewy blend.  I was surprised that it wasn't sweeter with the candy inside, but it was a great balance.  And my coworkers didn't eat too many so I brought a lot home.  Somehow we managed to finish them off.  :)

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