Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three-Meat Stromboli and Sesame Green Beans

Ingredients set 1

Three-Meat Stromboli

This is a classic recipe in our house, Husband Jeff and I have been feasting on this for a few years now.   I love finding coupons for Rhodes frozen bread dough since I know this is one thing I'm definitely going to make with it.   It's kind of like pizza, but without red sauce at all.  Not really like a classic pizza, so maybe more like a filled loaf of bread?


All Recipes Three-Meat Stromboli

Ingredients set 2, that's defrosted
bread dough in the back
I make only a quarter of the original recipe, so I use a single loaf of frozen bread dough.  I add whatever meats and veggies we've got, there's usually a package of turkey pepperoni in the freezer.    I particularly like this recipe because I can put what I prefer on my half, which is usually less meat and cheese, more veggies like sauteed spinach and mushrooms.

Making It Happen

Spray your largest cookie sheet or baking pan with cooking spray.

Roll out the bread dough to a large rectangle.  I forgot how I've done it in the past and put mine on my huge cutting board, which moved all around the countertop as I attempted to roll it out.  Next time I'll put it directly on the countertop and roll it there.  Since it moved around and I got frustrated by it, I don't think I rolled it as large as I have before. 

Then start putting your ingredients on the center of the rectangle.  Based on previous experience, I warmed up my meats and blotted them so they weren't so wet because the inside has had too much moisture and leaks in the oven while baking.

This version is ham, roast beef, pepperoni, artichoke hearts, and mozzarella.

When you've got everything on, pull one side to go over the ingredients.  Grab the other side and pull it to cover the other edge so all the ingredients are on the inside and there are no openings.  You might need to stretch to cover some bits and pinch the dough to seal it.

Typically I like to add spicy muffaletta but this time I forgot.  I thought I might be able to undo it and add it, but the dough was already sealed and I would have ended up ripping it apart, so I went on without it.

Lay it on the cookie sheet and toss it in the oven.  It bakes up pretty quickly in about 25 minutes.  I let it rest for 5 minutes so it's not boiling hot when we slice into it. 


Delicious as always.  Husband Jeff loves every variation of this I've ever made.  I love it too, but I know it's not exactly low-calorie, so I make sure to serve it with a veggie or two so I get enough food without eating a ton of stromboli.

Sonny D enjoyed it, he had at least a slice and a half.  It's a little difficult for a toddler to eat since it can easily fall apart, but he was able to shove it in.

Sesame Green Beans

This is another classic recipe for us, I've been making it for years.  


All Recipes Sesame Green Beans

I skip the chicken stock and use water instead.  I also add a dash of soy sauce.  Sometimes I add cayenne, but this time I skipped that since it's easy to make it almost too spicy. 


Excellent as always.  Husband Jeff and I ate a lot, Sonny D wouldn't try them.  I even made them not spicy this time in hopes that he would try them, but he's on an anti-veggie kick right now. 

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