Monday, April 1, 2013

Menu Plan: Week of April 1

After a weekend of Easter indulgences with family get-togethers, this week I'm taking it easy.   I want to make a baked good, but we'll see what really happens. 
  • Monday - leftover 16-bean & ham soup, salads, pasta with pesto do prezzemolo (parsley pesto with anchovies, I need to use up the huge bunch of leftover parsley I've got hanging out in the crisper drawer.)
  • Tuesday - frozen turkey sausages, frozen sweet potato fries, roasted veggies
  • Wednesday - Husband Jeff and I start an exercise class tonight so we'll grab something quick and small like a PB&J sandwich and piece of fruit.  Sonny D will eat with grandma and grandpa.
  • Thursday - I bought a Groupon deal for the Brazilian steakhouse restaurant Samba, which is valid for a set couple of weeks (not a typical expiration date).  It's active now, so tonight seems like a good night. 
  • Friday - the chicken spaghetti casserole I put in the freezer
  • Saturday - swai fish, maybe a new recipe or the family favorite of Parmesan broiled fish.
  • Sunday - canned soup with sandwiches or bagels

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